Sunday, May 16, 2010

clean-up time

from work/life stress

to grueling overnight calls and long work hours

to a not-quite-perfect right hip . . .

it's been a rough month from a healthy living perspective. and my almost-30 body is feelin' it!

i'm talking subpar food choices

not even CLOSE to enough sleep

and a gross virus

painful shoes

too much partying (ke$ha style?) . . .

leading to feeling not-so-great this morning.

but you know what? tomorrow is a new day. we had a fun time and i think i needed to let loose! and, i think sometimes a little body-trashing is okay. i'll take it as a reminder of how much i appreciate NOT feeling like this most of the time!


  1. Anonymous8:20 PM

    glad you had a lot of fun. sometimes everyone just needs to cut loose (haha to the pot calling the kettle black!)

    and ugh i caught a nasty virus too. knocked me out wednesday, let me feel better thurs-sun morning and around 2pm today knocked me out again. boo!

  2. Does Josh really like pillows?? Look at the big pile next to you!!

  3. Nice martini, Josh. It looks good on you.

  4. What brand are those gold heels? They are super cute!

  5. It may have been too much partying but you two look smashing. :)

  6. you look awesome in that dress though :) enjoy having a bit of excess in the not-so-healthy dept. you deserve it :)

  7. The gold heels are adorable, even if they were painful, and you look fabulous in that dress! I hope you get a chance to rest soon :-)

  8. MM: yuck, virus! feel better!

    susan: yep, he loves pillows. and i typically don't use ANY!

    martinidad: he got it in your honor.

    allison: they are by BCBGirls a few years ago. super uncomfortable but i like them!

    jon, siobhan, and sara: aw, thank you!

  9. What is that dress? It's beautiful!

  10. Anonymous7:15 AM

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  11. diana: i got it at a consignment shop actually! it is by catherine malandrino.