Thursday, April 15, 2010

paper parade

i think that even as i was writing yesterday's post, i knew my plans for the day were going to get derailed. i suppose i was just preparing myself! somehow, my 10 hour shift turned into 11.5, and by the time i picked up josh (his car is now fixed, $800 later!) i was headachy and profoundly exhausted. i think i'm still dealing with the aftermath of my haywire sleep cycles.

any hopes of running, cooking, cleaning, or basically doing anything requiring my eyes to be open and brain to be functioning was out. i think i fell asleep at 7:50!! 9 mostly-uninterrupted hours of sleep later (i did have a nightmare about some killer who sliced and diced his victims!?!?), and i'm a new woman.

amazing: the power of sleep! like money or health, it's one of those things you don't appreciate until it's missing (yep, yet another tenet gleaned from the HP).

luddite corner
(alternate subtitle title: even if i ever do succumb to iPhone fever, i will not relinquish my precious PAPER!)

i thought that in lieu of whining about ER drama (or bragging about small victories -- 1 IV left to graduate! YEAH! sorry, had to sneak that in there), i would share something that makes me happy on a regular basis: a few of my favorite stationery finds. now, an anthro dress certainly gets me all in a froth and makes me pretty happy. but on a daily basis (especially when stuck in scrubs!) little things like the notebook i'm using to scribble things on or a nicely-writing pen can go a long way to make work tasks (and, really the day as a whole!) more enjoyable.

here are just a few favorites. enjoy!


pilot easy-touch fine point pens are supercheap and write very smoothly and with a fine line -- a resident's dream come true! they are excellent for lefties like me because they don't smear at all. a true staple -- i always keep a bunch of these on hand.

muji gel pens, preferably in 0.38mm. love all the colors for underlining, highlighting, and writing things in my planner that i want to stand out. also fairly inexpensive, but harder to come by.

muji is a japanese retailer that specializes in "simplicity achieved by a complexity of thought and design." (that sounds so japanese to me!). i learned about muji back in college from my wonderful roommate azusa, the talented graphic designer and artist who designed the header to this blog! there are only 4 US locations, all in NYC (unfair!). however, you can order their products online.

i don't have a notebook for EVERYTHING, but . . . practically. and i always have a cache of backups on hand! here are just a couple of my favorite blank writing receptables.

exacompta habana notebooks, with a supersmooth writing surface and sturdy leather-like cover. i love these for notes of all kinds.

well, come on -- you didn't think i'd leave orla kiely out of this post, did you?? cute composition books with tear-out pages decorated with stem print -- great for lists on the go, or a sub for letter-writing stationery.

supercheap muji notebooks for 'disposable' type uses such as taking notes on patients in the ER.

fun organizational tools
i don't use these personally, but i could imagine they could come in hand for others.

if i had a desk job, i would be all over this 8 days a week planer pad. maybe when i'm in the lab . . .

this blank monthly notebook from muji would make a great workout journal or planner. plus, for only $3.95 it would be worth the experiment!

have a lovely thursday! any favorite paper tools you'd care to share? you know i'd love to hear about them!


  1. i love those pilot pens! (though i have recently decided i prefer clicky pens that don't have a cap i can lose). they are one of the few things that i can deal with from my work office supply cabinet. all the other pens are too crappy to write with/smudge everwhere (i'm a lefty too!)
    always on the lookout for good writing tools. a smooth pen makes such a difference!

  2. Anonymous8:11 AM

    I'm so obsessed with pens it's like not even funny haha. I love the pilot pens too!

  3. Post-it notes are a desk job working girl's best friend!

  4. Pilot easy-touch pens are my FAVORITE!!!! I can't believe you just blogged about them! I can always count on you to make my love for stationary/school supplies seem normal. I also love a certain pilot pen that I haven't seen in a store for years :(

  5. I began using the Pentel EnerGel metal tip pens - - when I started covering meetings that were so boring I was literally falling asleep. I loved taking notes with these babies so much that they kept me awake. I swear I'm not being paid by Pentel, either. I'm just addicted.

  6. Anonymous9:32 AM

    sleep = panacea! glad that you were able to be knocked out for so many hours.

    and i have a question (because i've actually been getting this question in my "real life"): do you feel guilty using so much paper products with the whole "go green" movement? so many people tell me that i need to switch to electronic ways of making my lists and stuff because it's better for the environment. i'm still sticking with my pens and paper but just wanted your take on it. thanks!

  7. Anonymous10:09 AM

    My 2010 planner is from a company called Leuchtturm ( It was on the pricey side, but the quality of the paper is so lovely it makes each day's list-making a treat!

    Love your blog btw, I found you via the Happiness Project.

  8. Ok, I found this post VERY helpful. I am someone who has no clue about notebooks, paper or pens, so the day that I finally decide to get organized I will be bringing this list with me to Office Depot :)

  9. I have a huge stack of scrap paper (much of it actually left behind by my predecessor!) so I'll never need to buy anything for notes.

    I always use a paper planner/calendar. Something about the act of writing helps me remember. I saw this planner in a store (but not the 10-11 version), that I'm thinking about going with next year.

  10. Anonymous11:37 PM

    love my mole skin 18 month planner! it has a two page spread of each month, perfect for writting tests and stuff into so you can see as they are coming up... not so much for a daily agenda though. between each month, there is a blank page and at the end they have pages for music to download books to read places to travel etc !! these are hard to come by and i grabbed the last one at b and nobles- felt like a huge victory to me! :) its the little things right?

  11. wow you are waaay to dang organized for me! if i have any important dates to remember, i enter them into my yahoo calendar because then i can access it anywhere and it doesn't get lost! and then if i have too many to-dos to remember, i just grab a piece of paper (most likely the back of a piece of junk mail) and just list it all down messily and cross them off as i go. sometimes i find these to-do lists smushed at the bottom of my purse and i just unwrinkle them and keep on going...
    so anyway, my point to this long-winded comment is that, no, i do not have any favorite paper tools!

  12. LOVED reading everyone's favorite tools!

    allie: i can't believe we are pen twins!

    meg: much of my favorites won't be found at office max . . . i'm too much of a paper snob! i'll take you to morgan imports :)

    mm: yes, it's something i do think about. but . . at least paper doesn't require energy to run on, and is recyclable! i drive a small car and live in a small apartment; i don't buy bottled water -- obviously i am FAR from perfect but i think i feel okay about sticking with paper -- as long as i am really using it!

  13. ooh, and anon: the leuchtturm1917 looks beautiful! SO up my alley.

  14. I love the Pilot Precise Rolling Ball pens. They are my absolute favorite - they *almost* making grading an enjoyable experience.
    I'm not a journal hoarder, but I love notecards, and I've been completely obsessed with notecards by Dewey Howard. They are hard to come by, but they are just lovely cards! And anything that is letterpress. Love, love, love.

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