Thursday, April 29, 2010

on the edge

takeout sushi heals all?

well, perhaps not quite all, but it helps. as i mentioned yesterday, it looks like we might be getting some closure soon on the work/life-related issues that i have been completely obsessing about. as much i have tried not to let this impact my life, thoughts about this have been occupying a large chunk of my brain for weeks now. whatever the outcome, i'm just looking forward to moving on.

i do have a lot that i should be focused on instead. the past call night was pretty epic: i diagnosed something bad, which was satisfying for about 5 seconds (because i picked up on something that multiple others, including attendings, missed) before it was just really heartbreakingly sad. we admitted what seems like half the chronic pulmonary patients in north carolina. and we discharged our entire general service! rather than the above obsession, i want to focus today on really learning the details of our complex pulmonary team. i will try as best as i can . . .

(500) really cute outfits
snuggling in bed and escaping with a movie = perfect thing to do in the midst of a high-stress time, i think. in this vein, josh and i watched (500) days of summer last night, featuring joseph gordon-levitt and the lovely zooey deschanel. i liked the movie, enjoyed the soundtrack, and disliked zooey deschanel's character. however, i WANTED her wardrobe!

here's my take at naming her outfits, anthro-style . . .

summer nights blouse

scalloped lake house dress

cinderella's day dress

shirred elegance blouse with cubic garden skirt

muted plumage dress

whew -- that was harder than i imagined! don't worry, i won't be quitting my day job any time soon . . .

healthy lifestyle identity
hey, remember when this was a quasi-healthy-lifestyle blog (remember HL week? that was fun!). i realize i haven't written about workouts or cooking experiments for several days now. the truth is: it hasn't exactly been a health-fest around here recently. but, things come full circle, and i'm ready to work on cleaning up my act again.

look forward to writing about:
an april recipe recap
may's recipe project
the SHU box food revolution
future workout reform

can't believe it's thursday! being on call truly does make time FLY!


  1. Anonymous8:31 AM

    I don't know that I could pull off her style, but I loved that movie. And I love Zooey.

  2. I enjoyed your outfit names. At first I thought you recognized that the outfits were from Anthro and you went back to identify each one. Anthro is a bit... stylish?... for me, but I like the last dress.

    Good luck with everything. You'll get back on the health wagon. The sushi looks delish BWT.

  3. Glad that you survived the call night and that work/life issues will soon be resolved.
    While I didn't *love* the movie, I like many parts of it. Total agree with you on the Zooey Deschanel character, but I like her and I LOVE Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He is so talented. Living in the LA area, I actually like that it's one of the few recent movies that actually gives a viewer somewhat of a sense of the city, showing parts of downtown, which is not a glamorous area.

  4. Anonymous10:20 AM

    good luck with everything. i've never actually seen that movie *gasp* i feel like so many people talk about it so maybe i should?!

  5. atilla10:42 PM

    loved the movie