Wednesday, April 14, 2010

my own worst enemy

the other side of planning
it's unpleasant and counterproductive to go through the day thinking about all the things one is NOT doing -- even while doing completely worthwhile things, such as taking care of patients, being with one's significant other, or catching up on much-needed sleep.

i know this, and i often write about it! but sometimes, i do it anyway. this is because i am ambitious and goal-oriented and i love to plan. these can be great qualities, because i'm usually quite productive, and i enjoy the process.

but sometimes i go overboard.

here's today's schedule, for example. while i am really, REALLY jazzed up about my spring cleaning project, i just wasn't able to tackle the kitchen yesterday and i'm not sure there's really room in today's schedule to handle the bathroom. life got in the way: i worked longer than planned (a busy shift, culminating in a tap on a writhing, undersedated 3 year old -- oof), and then josh's car broke down, so i had to pick him up.

all completely reasonable reasons for 'failing' to get everything i wanted to done yesterday. moreover, like anything else, i want to give these tasks the time and energy they deserve! so perhaps i'm going to have to spread my spring cleaning out a bit.

but what i do not have to do is feel bad about it. planning is good, but life happens. i got a late start on this AM, as i took josh to work. but instead of seeing it as a fail because i have less time to write this post, it was an opportunity to do something nice for him AND to spend a little extra time with him this morning.

just because something wasn't thought of ahead of time doesn't make it any less worthwhile. i know i need to work on my flexibility and even on leaving more wiggle room in my plans so that everything isn't a rush. and with that, i'm off to work . . .

notes from yesterday
welcome to anyone who is visiting from the happiness project website! i was over the moon to have been linked on gretchen rubin's page. come back anytime!

re: my clutter picture -- i admit it was underwhelming. there is plenty more clutter in other areas of our apartment (which is tiny -- so stuff builds up fast!), just not really in the bedroom. i expect the other before photos will look a bit more haphazard.



workout: 40 minutes cycling (indoor, intervals) + weights
- 2 x 12 pushups
- 2 x 12 squats with tricep press, 10 lb
- 2 x 12 lat pulldowns, 55 lbs
- 2 x 10 tricep press-downs, 15 lbs
- 2 x 12 lateral/forward raises in lunge, 5 lbs each arm
- 2 x 15 ball plank-to-tucks/pikes

also not as planned: was dinner. the upside: it was exactly what i wanted.

raisin bran spiked with granola + bananas = carb-fest galore. and a delicious one, at that.

reading: 10 PREP questions -- almost done with the assigned series we had to get through for the year!


  1. Anonymous8:21 AM

    I feel that way sometimes too, especially if I run out of time to work out.

    I am grateful when Jason does the dishes too! Although I'm not sure if he's ever done them without me asking him to.

  2. I'm so grateful when Daniel does any chore without me asking. He'll always do what I ask him to, but when he sees a need and takes care of it himself... wonderful.

  3. Anonymous9:37 AM

    "just because something wasn't thought of ahead of time doesn't make it any less worthwhile."

    amen! i totally needed to see this written out. i am such a scheduled person too that it's hard to enjoy something that isn't written down in my agenda book! flexibility is something that is soooo hard for me haha. i know that youve probably blogged about it but any tips to make it easier?!