Tuesday, April 06, 2010

change is in the air [T - 45]

new lease on life
not trying to be overdramatic here, but since i wrote my manifesto, i have been filled with renewed energy and an overall vigor/zest for life that i haven't seen in . . . a while. even as i tackle a string of night shifts (and a completely confused body clock), i am feeling good, positive, energetic.

inspiration (thank you, happiness project), or hypomania (no, i'm not bipolar. promise . . . )? or just a bit of spring fever? whatever the cause, i am down with it.

i was able to get through quite a difficult ER shift on sunday night (including having to LP a child of someone who has likely done far more LPs than i have . . . while they watched -- luckily, i am pretty much queen of LPs and it went well) without ever really getting discouraged or overwhelmed. today i will try to bring the same outlook and focus to my primary care clinic, often one of the most harrying and painful parts of residency. north durham, GET READY!

happiness project update
so far, in my reading of gretchen rubin's best-selling book, i haven't made any grand plans for changes in my life. however, it has helped me do a lot of thinking about what i am already doing right, and about things i would like to change in the future.

the book is a guide but also a memoir, and therefore it is really personalized to the author. however, as she writes (many times) -- learning about the happiness experiments/quests of others can be more inspiring than an esoteric, generalized equivalent. and, bonus: gretchen rubin reminds me of me.

there, i said it. her writing, her overall mindset, her goals . . . despite a mild age gap and a not-so-mild wage gap of approximately 7 jillion dollars, i see a lot of parallels and similarities between us. this makes reading about her experiences seem extra eye-opening and inspiring to me.

i want to finish the book before i go through and start my own official HP (happiness project, of course). but tomorrow i will start going through some of the highlights i came across in the first two chapters. i hope the rest of the book is this high-yield for me!

organizational link ♥
penelope loves lists: "inspiration for the unapologetically organized soul". obviously, i love lists too -- and, like the site's author, i also love organizational toys and planning and -- well, basically everything on this website.

the unclutterer is another website dedicated to getting and staying organized, but it also contains a lot of practical advice. as someone often VERY guilty of obsessing over things in the future about which i have no control (ie: job stuff, test scores, and the like), i really liked this post on clearing mental clutter. this one on the impact of buying 'stuff' vs. experiences also struck a chord with me.

any sites of this nature that you love? let me know!

i won't gloat, but




workout: 7 miles on the TM, with middle 3 @ tempo, all 0.5% incline
- 2 mi warmup @ 9:13/mi
- 3 mi tempo @ 7:53/mi
- 2 mi cooldown @ 9:13/mi

all while reading april's real simple (good issue, btw). i capped it off with some weights:
- 2 x 12 pushups
- 2 x 12 leg press machine (90 lb)
- 2 x 10 assisted pull-ups (50lbs assist x 5, 60lbs assist x 5)
- 2 x 12 walking double lunges (8 lb each side)
- 2 x 10 lateral/forward raises (6 lb each side)
- 2 x 12 seated rows (40 lb)

reading: half of an article on otitis after the duke game -- then i fell asleep! but i am going to give myself credit for trying.

kitchen adventures: i kicked off my month of exploring ED&BV and supernatural cooking with thai chick-un pizza, a recipe i have seen many times in the blog world.

while to me, nonvegan pizza still wins (sorry - i just LOVE CHEESE! even more than peanut sauce), this was still delicious. i had trouble pulling the whole wheat dough thin so it ended up being sort of deep-dish, but this worked since the toppings were quite loaded.

gratitude: catchup from yesterday! i am grateful for my body's immune system and overall resilience even in the face of night-shift abuse and having the option of an air-conditioned gym.


  1. Anonymous10:39 AM

    I think I need to check out this book - it sounds awesome. The thai chick-un pizza sounds like a lot of fun, I still need to get a copy of ED&BV. 7 miles on the treadmill? I am impressed!

  2. Anonymous10:55 AM

    hey girlie!!
    I am an intern working in the maternity ward and often do the overnight PED-shift!...and LAST night I was SCREAMING for DUKE!!..gahh we must have a lot in common! I hope you have an awesome day ;)

  3. Interesting... I would not have thought to put chickpeas on a pizza, but I guess that's why I'm not a famous vegan chef/cookbook author.

    No link, but have you ever read Getting Things Done by David Allen.? It has tons of buzzwords, which is kind of annoying, but he has a great organizational system I've adopted parts of.

  4. lizzy: yay!!! another fan AND in pediatrics . . .awesome

    chelsea: i was really into GTD for a while a couple of years ago! i still use some of his ideas, although i found him a little 'corporate'. i felt like his approach was sort of . . . male? which makes sense b/c he is one! that said i kept the book and josh even read it too -- definitely a worthwhile read.

  5. Anonymous3:15 PM

    nice run!! I hate the treadmill!

  6. feetinmotion: i actually like it . . . plus alternating it with outdoor runs seems to help prevent injuries for me.

  7. You are an evil girl! First I found food blogs and then doc blogs and now thanks to you the organizing blogs! More for the google reader . . .
    I do have a question for you. I received a gift of a beautiful leather-bound, handmade journal with thick white paper, all wrapped up with a leather cord and a silver clasp charm. I'm not quite the "these are my hopes and dreams, dear diary" type but I don't want to use it for to-do lists. Ideas? I'm thinking blog post ideas, observations, things too private for the blog but I WISH could be blog posts, etc. Is that the modern "dear diary?"

  8. julie: hi! ooh . . . the journal sounds so pretty :) i love your idea for it (observations + things you would blog about, but are too private). or, if you're into writing about or tracking aspirations and goals, maybe something like that could go in there?

    and yes my google reader also overfloweth . . . but i've stopped worrying about really keeping up so in a way it's better that way!

  9. atilla10:43 PM

    ditto on the woohoo

  10. YAAAAAAAAAAY Duke!! and for my secret crush, the lovely nerdy Jon Scheyer :)

  11. Hey again! I just read the post about worrying and writing out the worst-case scenarios and loved/hopefully learned from it if I put it into practice! Thanks for the link!

  12. Hey Sarah, thanks for the mention here! I just found your site and have spent way more time than I'd planned reading through your posts. They're addictive!

    So glad to have met you and I hope you'll stay in touch.