Wednesday, April 28, 2010

brief check-in

the importance of rest and time to prepare for the week
is never so evident as it is on weeks like these, when both were SORELY lacking. i'm feeling:

behind on nearly every aspect
ridiculously tired
scattered and disorganized

it was a rough night last night, if you can't tell.

add that to the anxiety about some of the stressful issues coming to a head (but still hanging in the air unresolved), and i'm pretty much a mess who couldn't write a coherent post if she tried.

so instead, i'll just leave you with
the oldest blogging cop-out trick in the book:


and, some links to two of my favorite bloggers who have recently posted about one of my favorite topics: multitasking and the dark and sinister side of trying to do 5 things at once.

meredith from penelope loves lists about "saving her sanity one minute at a time". i could have used a re-read of this post at 1 AM last night (although NOT while doing other things!)

sophia from burp & slurp blogged from class (!) about . . .well, not doing that anymore.

best husband everrrrr
and now, i must sign off as tonight's winner of the best husband ever award is picking us up some take-out sushi AND putting gas in my car. seriously? that is true love. he is the best.


  1. Those puppies are little fluffy cotton puff cuties! Hope you get a bit of rest and relaxation.

  2. Anonymous8:50 PM

    what an awesome husband indeed :) hope you finally get to relax and that life gets destressed for you! ((hugs))

  3. atilla9:14 PM

    yeah for the awesome husband

  4. I thought I had mono after my bachelorette party weekend because I was so tired from being out really late and I just had a 9-5 job. I can't imagine being on call after a weekend like that. Hope you get some rest!

  5. good luck sarah! its tough....i get to start my first calls ever this summer (ob/gyn is my first rotation of 3rd year beginning in June...and we "get to" do weekends and calls), and im not sure if i can ever really be prepared for that.
    it'll look up, things always do as soon as you catch up on sleep :) i know for me extended episodes of sleep deprivation makes the world seem like a terrible place, and i get very irritable and bitter. its your last month though!

  6. Aw, I hope your head clears up, and that you are in a better mood soon. I'm incredibly stressed out too, and I have my first final exam tomorrow for my hardest class this semester....But reading this and seeing your shout-out cheered me up LOTS....Thank you so much!