Tuesday, March 23, 2010

shifting into gear

SHU 1, ER 0
superquick post this AM! and sarah, you can rest easy -- no margarita pix to awaken a fierce craving at an inopportune time.

last night's shift was somewhat crazy! we had a steady flow, and very few easy/uncomplicated cases. we may bitch about kids who show up in the ER with pinkeye or the sniffles, but they DO allow for a quick in-'n'-out which can be refreshing in the midst of complex hospital frequent fliers, traumas, and surgical workups.

i left about an hour after my shift officially ended, and there were still so many loose ends and patients i was worried about that the very first thing i did this AM was to log on to our system to check everyone's labs and imaging. luckily, everyone seems to have fared relatively well over the past 7 hours.

most humorous event of the night? a boarding psych patient who had been refusing a pelvic exam to address issues down there for 3 days changed her mind and decided that she needed one NOW within seconds of my arrival.

annnnnd i got an IV. 3 left to graduate -- yeah!

race plans?
god, i feel NAKED without a training plan. chalk it up to the past 5 years of almost always:

training for a race
recovering from a race
prepping to train for another race
rehabbing an injury

i realized after my half this weekend that i've been racing distances of 13.1 and up for 5 years! in that span of time, i've done something like 8 (?) half marathons, 4 fulls, a handful of 5Ks, and 1 lone 10K.

i don't know what makes it so much fun for me to pick an event and train for it. after all -- it's not like i ever WIN! but there is something fun and addicting about having a goal and going after it, seeing how my body responds to various challenge. and the high of feeling like i ran a race well is powerful -- often leading me to pick my next target within days of completing the previous challenge.

it's tempting for me to pick a 5K and map out a training plan right now (i STILL want to go sub-23 minutes -- someday). but i think a more valuable and greater challenge at this juncture might be doing exactly the opposite. this doesn't mean i won't plan out my workouts in advance, but it means that i will aim to take it a little bit easier. translation: more strength training/yoga, fewer speed-focused workouts, and shorter weekend long runs.

i'm not quite ready for retirement yet, but i think a little sabbatical might be in order! i will post again once i define my aims and goals (or lack thereof?) more clearly.



workout: 45 minutes elliptical to 'wash out' my legs from the race (they felt antsy and wanted to move!) + 20 minutes easy AM yoga

cooking light creation: farfalle with lamb, ricotta and parsley (recipe in the sidebar). with carrots, zucchini (that i added), tomato, and onion, this dish was veggie-packed enough to stand on its own. i made it before heading into my shift (a strategic move to leave josh with dinner -- i know, i should get wife of the year or something)

the ricotta made it extra delicious! the march 2010 issue of cooking light hasn't failed me yet.


  1. Anonymous8:30 AM

    I never really know what to do when I'm not training for something either.

  2. Anonymous9:36 AM

    i feel lost without a training plan of sorts too. it's almost like i need something like that to anchor me in a crazy life.

    question about the elliptical: i never feel like i'm getting my HR up! (or that wasn't a question so here it is:) what do you do to feel like youre working out on the machine?

  3. I was on the fence about that recipe, but your picture makes it look better than in the magazine.

  4. that pasta dish looks delicious! and i feel the same way about training as well - without something focusing me, i tend to be a bit lost with my workouts - especially in the running department. perhaps that's why i'm running 3 half marathons this spring?

  5. I love picking an event and training. Even when I don't have a plan, I end up developing one anyway.

  6. Anonymous2:33 PM

    I love to race and also feel imcomplete if I don't have something on the agenda to train for. Good luck to you and your future running!!!

  7. Heh. Thanks for your consideration in the post. Much appreciated.
    I'm also without a training plan, and I don't like it. I'm still doing workouts, but it feels almost reckless to do them without a specific goal in mind.

  8. FYI: Gilt fuse is having an Orla Kiely sale- handbag and paper! today at 0100 utc...i think that's 5pm pacific time.

  9. The photo of your dinner is gorgeous! You must be loving your new camera.
    Ready for the 5K this Saturday! Are you going to try for sub 23??