Saturday, March 27, 2010

by the skin of my teeth

i have run a number of 5K races and typically finish somewhere in the 23s. it's been a goal for quite some time to break through that barrier -- and today was (crazily enough) my lucky day!! i think it was actually the fact that i DIDN'T really care that much about the race's outcome that helped.

see: usually, i try to play it smart, tactically -- i worry about crashing and burning, and i think "steady as she goes -- don't do anything you'll regret!". this time, i worked an ER shift last night until after 11 pm, carb-loaded on guglhupf pastries (oh YEAHHHHH), and slept not-nearly-enough pre-race. so i just decided my strategy would be just to be reckless. ie: go out as fast as possible, because if i bonked mid-race, who really cares? i suppose it was a bit of an experiment.

it was COLD and hilly and i had to weave past much slower runners for the first half mile or so. this didn't cost me too much time, however, since there wasn't a huge crowd. there were NO mile markers or splits available -- which fit my "just goooooo" strategy quite well. my iPod soundtrack was just my half marathon list on shuffle, and i ended running to an odd mix of ben folds, girltalk, lady gaga (thank god), and kelly clarkson (what? it worked).

i saw a gorgeous, elegantly striding runner out of the corner of my eye mid-race. it took me a little time to figure out that it was meg! she ended up having a great race as well (recap here -- check out her tasty post-5K eats, too!).

as i headed towards the finish line (downhill, THANK GOD), i saw the clock said "22:42" and GUNNED it -- i really, really wanted that sub-23!

and, luckily i made it, literally by the skin of my teeth, in 22:59. an unexpected PR and 2nd in my age group!! i was super-excited.

with meg! as usual, i appear extra pygmy-like beside her. super flattering, huh? (or not). in case you're wondering, i did not gain 50 lbs from my guglhupf carb-loading -- it just looks that way as i'm wearing a giant reach out & read top over 2 layers of running clothes! maybe i would have been a couple of seconds faster without all that air resistance . . . but then again i needed the layers for warmth!

more importantly
so yes -- the race was fun! but even more exciting than a random age-group winner was this:

WOW! that far exceeded any amount i thought it would be possible to raise, especially in such a short time period. combined with 3 other residents, we made over $1000 for reach out and read. that makes me so happy -- as i know it will the kids who receive their books!

thank you to everyone who donated and to those who even considered it! i know it's a tough time economy-wise right now and there are a TON of worthy causes all tugging at your heartstrings. i am amazed at the outpouring of generosity and really appreciated the support!

hey, it's saturday!
this weekend truly snuck up on me. i am psyched that it's only 12pm and i feel like i've already done so much! josh and i will be indulging in some serious couch-time this weekend -- in fact, i've marked on tomorrow's calendar: DAY OF REST.

first up: a nap. i think i've earned it.


  1. Congrats! That is an AMAZING time! Enjoy your nap and your relaxing day, you do deserve it!

  2. Ok, you turn for the overstatment now....beautiful elegantly striding runner? Ha! I was hunched over huffing and puffing barely able to take in a full breath :)
    Congrats again on a great run! So did you place first in your age group??

  3. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Congrats on the great race!! I always play it cautious in order to prevent crashing at the end but then at the end I always wish I had pushed harder. I have a race tomorrow and I may try your strategy : )

  4. Anonymous1:41 PM

    You are fast! Have a great nap. You definitely deserve it.

  5. Anonymous2:19 PM

    what a great race for you! i definitely find that when i don't have huge expectations for a race i always end up doing well. crazy how that works, no? congrats :)

  6. You definitely deserve a day of rest! Congrats on your 5k PR. PRs always seem to happen that way to me, too. I get to the end of the race thinking it's nothing special, and then I have a "Holy crap! That's the time?!?" moment and book it to the finish.

  7. Congratulations, that time is fast! 2nd in your age group is awesome, well done. ;)

  8. Nicely done!! Skin of your teeth or not, a 22 is a 22. I don't think you don't look pygmy-like, but you do look pretty cold. Leggings aren't really stylish when you pair them with a sports watch...

  9. Congratulations - you are such an inspiring runner!

  10. You are SO DARN FAST!!!! Wow. Congrats on breaking 23, Sarah! Enjoy your day of rest tomorrow.

    PS Us pygmy-likes gotta stick together :)

  11. Oh and don't you love when your going against your strategy turns out for the better??

  12. Congrats!! For a 5k, you might as well go all out and see what's not like a marathon where the death march could last for hours!

  13. Congrats! I knew you were speedy, but you are REALLY speedy!

    Love you!

  14. NICE time!!! I need to run another 5K - if this dumb leg ever heals!