Friday, February 05, 2010

sneak preview

triangle blogger bash, v2.0
just got back from a lovely night at jessica's!

doesn't it kind of look like little allie and i are standing in some warp zone part of the room that shrinks people down to midget proportions?

well, we're not.

DETAILS TO FOLLOW (and many pictures, of course) from our super-fun gathering! i had high hopes for a private after-party of staying up late, cleaning up the apartment, studying, etc . . . but i drank some wine (the Great Demotivator, in my experience) and now that's all a wash. hopefully i will sleep soundly and restoratively even with a little ethanol flowing through my veins!

extra, extra
i just may have purchased one of pairs of shoes from yesterday's post!

the hearthside wedges were going like hotcakes (and are now sold out in sizes 5.5, 6.5, 7, and 7.5 -- luckily i wear a 6).

i can't wait to pair them with all kinds of dresses for spring. fingers crossed that they will be comfortable enough to wear to clinic . . . we shall see!



workout: 7 miles with hill repeats outside, average 8:37/mi

reading: uh oh: i am already falling off in this department. i need to get back on top of the books, STAT!


  1. Hahahahaha I noticed that too...we are teeeeeeeeny. Next time we should get a stool :)

    Your one extra night could buy all the shoes at Anthro....

    Had a fab time seeing you tonight. I think we're going to have to start getting together more often seeing as how I ahve 3 months left here!

  2. cute wedges!! I would buy them myself, except I can't get myself to buy shoes online without trying them on first...

  3. Hahah - you do shrink as it goes to the left!!

    Wish I could have joined you :(

  4. looks like a great get together!

  5. Anonymous8:33 AM

    those are awesome shoes. and i noticed that in the picture too. i'm assuming all the others are just really tall?

  6. Cute shoes (that I could never wear because they would make me 10 feet tall)!

  7. It looks like we all lined up in height order :) I had heels on tho!
    Great to see you and meet Josh last night and am excited for our next get together!

  8. Natasha4:53 PM

    The "hearthside wedges" were my favorite of the bunch you posted the other day!

  9. "doesn't it kind of look like little allie and i are standing in some warp zone part of the room that shrinks people down to midget proportions?"

    LOL no. well, okay maybe a little... :P