Friday, February 12, 2010

melt my heart

a future SHUbox fan?
one of my patients is a fever + neutropenia [F&N] patient with leukemia. he is 5 years old and is going through an extra-grueling regimen that includes radiation because of the severity of his disease.

yesterday, he spiked another temp (sigh) just when we thought he might be close to getting out of the hospital. i went to check on him, because F&N patients can get sick, fast. i wanted to see if he needed a fluid bolus and maybe some additional antibiotic coverage.

i was relieved to see him sitting up in bed, talking to his mom and looking cute (in pediatrics, cuteness is actually a very good sign that a kid is NOT septic). he then started asking me about all the things in my coat pockets. he thought the pager was cool, but was most fascinated with this (the top was visible sticking out of my white coat pocket):

i told him it was the notebook i used to track the new admits, and he was like, "i want one! i want a notebook!". my heart just about melted. at just $4 each at the O'BON website (and eco-friendly to boot), i think i am going to make his dream a reality. HOW #(*&$ CUTE IS THAT?

in lieu of a wordy post
this AM, i am going take a few minutes to just sit here and take stock of allllll of the little details swirling around in my head.

therefore, instead of a Q&A of the day from me, i'm going to request a Q&A of the day from you! here it comes:

what are your top 5 simple pleasures?

well, okay, i'll play too. since you twisted my arm.

5. stationery!

4. the post-run high

3. slow mornings with my husband

2. fresh magazines in the mail. actually, ANYTHING good in the mail.

1. coffee in the AM

leave your list in the comments! just making my list brightened my friday AM a little, so hopefully yours will do the same for you.



workout: i finally snuck in an AM run this week -- 5 miles with 6 x 1-2 minute pickups to 7:30-7:45/mi on the treadmill. i'm sticking with my plan of just taking it easy this week and might end up with just 3 total workouts for the week! sometimes (like once every couple of months) i just need to take a cutback like this. i know it won't hurt my training too much and i'll come back feeling more fresh and raring to go next week.

cooking hiatus: i ALMOST attempted to make my planned african peanut stew until i realized it was a slow-cooker recipe that took hours (and i don't even have a slow cooker!). oops! amy's to the rescue, yet again! i also enjoyed some v-day chocolate for dessert:

from sees, courtesy of my parents. THANK YOU M&D!!! (i promise i'll call + thank you in person, too!)

i eat just one/day and try to make them laaaaaaaast as long as possible.


  1. Enjoy, Sarah and Josh, and Happy V-Day in advance :)
    L, da

  2. Aw, what a sweet little boy (and a very sweet Dr for going the extra mile!) :) It's the wonderful little moments like that that really keep you going through all of the exhausting days...Happy Vday! And good luck with the eating one chocolate a day. If you really are successful at doing that, you will be my willpower hero.

  3. -Stockinette stitch in the round
    -good-smelling soap
    -staying in bed late
    -watching snow fall (from inside!)

  4. 1) An afternoon nap
    2) Singing in the car
    3) US Weekly-guilty pleasure?
    4) A piece of chocolate
    5) Waking up early to workout, shower and then spend the rest of the day in pajamas

  5. Great post, I love See's Chocolates and am going to make that stew you mentioned :)

    My top 5 Simple Pleasures:

    Hot Coffee in the morning
    My afternoon piece of dark chocolate
    Curling up in a jar with my beagles and blanket
    Getting a good parking spot at work
    Trying a new local restaurant in Durham

  6. Aww it just breaks my heart when kids have to go through such tough stuff like that :(

  7. Anonymous9:12 AM

    1. Naps on a weekend afternoon
    2. Hot bubble baths
    3. Comments on my blog
    4. Talking with Jason right before we fall asleep at night
    5. I'm with you on the mail thing - anything good in the mail

  8. Cute kid!! Yet so sad.

    Simple pleasures:

    1. Morning coffee.
    2. Reading the Sunday paper (okay, I like the ads the best.)
    3. Seeing new blog comments.
    4. Singing in the car!
    5. When a patient says "Thank you."

    Durham in one week! We need to plan!

  9. Stephanie9:54 AM

    celebrity magazines, dessert, "chick flick" movies, a really delicious cup of coffee, not getting dressed in "real" clothes all day

  10. jlguadag10:04 AM

    See's Candy! Yum!! I've had a serious craving for some See's candy for a while now. The Bordeaux bars and Molasses chips are my favorite. Enjoy!

  11. Anonymous10:08 AM

    awww you are the best doctor ever. you'll totally make that kid's life!

    simple pleasures?
    1. a good book
    2. care packages from high school friends
    3. the euphoria after a speed session
    4. when kids hold the door for others
    5. watching one of my favorite tv shows (lost, ncis, etc)

  12. Anonymous10:30 AM

    1) Reading blogs with coffee and oats in the AM
    2) Shopping online
    3) Medical tv dramas
    4) Getting mail
    5) Whole Foods!

  13. So sweet about the little boy...

    1. Snuggling with my pup
    2. Wine, wine, and more wine
    3. Not having to set my alarm on the weekends
    4. Reailty TV
    5. Skyping with my family every weekend

  14. So sweet about the little boy...

    1. Snuggling with my pup
    2. Wine, wine, and more wine
    3. Not having to set my alarm on the weekends
    4. Reailty TV
    5. Skyping with my family every weekend

  15. 1. Reading on the couch in the afternoon.
    2. Playing cards with my parents and brother.
    3. Singing along with D while he plays the guitar.
    4. Early morning runs.
    5. Sleeping in.

  16. Anonymous12:12 PM

    I hoe your patient continues to improve. You sound like a great doctor who cares about her patients. Have a great Vaentine's Day.

  17. What a sweet little boy! My five:

    1) coffee
    2) rain when I'm sleeping
    3) new great apps for the iPhone
    4) massages
    5) days off with my boys

  18. mmm...i love see's reminds me of home (i think see's is a SoCal thing?).

    Simple pleasures:
    - Iris' smiles (even though they are just given at random at this point)
    - Staying in and cooking/baking on a snowy/rainy day.
    - A perfect sunny, warm, and breezy day on a patio at a restaurant, people watching, preferably with Mike.
    - Indulging in a nice big cupcake or piece of chocolate every once in awhile.
    - That moment right when I fall asleep after something stressful (working out, work, long day, etc.)

  19. I don't have a slow-cooker either. I'm afraid of leaving them on all day anyway.

  20. atilla5:39 PM

    am crossword time
    good coffee any time
    quadrupleple win days heat,dolphins canes duke)
    a good case that noone else can do
    acting like normal people with BB

    By the way "you're melting my heart" is something I kept telling Margaux last weekend

  21. Anonymous4:07 AM


  22. Aww that is sweet :)

    I understood a lot of the med talk you wrote!

  23. - magazines
    - my boys' smiles
    - Jane Austen
    - cool blog posts (thank you!)
    - hitting 10K steps on the pedometer