Saturday, January 02, 2010

a year of martha: in review

doin' time in 2009
it's certainly the season for top-ten lists, isn't it? i figured i would add one more to the fray with the overdue recap of last year's doin' time project.

overall? i'm really happy i conquered the doin' time cookthrough project. making all of the recipes in martha's cookbook allowed me to learn new techniques and forced me to make things that i know i wouldn't have chosen to tackle otherwise. some of these things were hits (beef bulgogi!); others were less exceptional (cornish hens . . . not my thing).

would i do another cookthrough? mayyyyyybe . . . though probably not anytime soon. the project actually took a fair amount of discipline! though most of the recipes in great food fast are fairly simple, i wasn't always in the mood to whip up a from-scratch, multi-component dinner after a long day at work. after all, i had all of her side dishes/salads/soups to get through in addition to the mains.

list time! top 10 meals of doin' time


crisp goat cheese salad and pork tenderloin with mustard sauce

almond-apricot chicken with mint pesto

pan-fried shrimp with green curry cashew sauce


pork quesadilla (cuban sandwich style!) with jicama slaw

greek mini lamb-burgers with grilled farmer's market vegetables

mahi-mahi fish tacos with corn fritters


coconut shrimp soup

beef bulgogi


pumpkin enchiladas

spaghetti with turkey meatballs

what's next?
something a bit more flexible and easy for the new year. details tomorrow! i decided i'd rather tie up the old before i ventured on with the new.

staycation report
really, we haven't been doing much, AND I AM LOVING IT. josh has been getting his video game fix and i have been lounging around and catching up on google reader to my heart's content. there has also been a bit of cleaning (by me) and home decor (by josh) going on in the background . . . kath, look what's finally up on the wall!

less than 3 months after IKEA purchase! not bad, really

today's plans? just as intense. a little trip to the gym, some studying, and probably dinner out. inspired by diana, i think i might try to make cinnamon buns.

as much as i love traveling and visiting family/friends, it has been wonderful to just take a break and stay home for once. i think i'd like to make the staycation a yearly tradition!


1.1.10 <--- so clean, so fresh!
: 6 miles, middle 3 at tempo pace
- first 1.5 mile warmup @ 8:54/mi
- middle 3 miles @ tempo, 7:58/mi
- last 1.5 miles coolown @ 9:09/mi
average 8:30/mi. a good start to the new year!

in the kitchen: i whipped out a neglected cookbook -- the splendid table: how to eat supper -- and made plumped ginger-caramel shrimp. served with brown rice and (martha's!) gingered sugar snap peas.

i also tried out this two-hearted ale while studying:

whatever works, right?

reading: ~40 minutes spent reading over GAPS (guidelines for adolescent preventative services). STDs, drug abuse, EDs, and depression . . .it's going to be a fun month. i also did 10 PREP questions. newfound fact: vitamin E deficiency can cause hyporeflexia and tremor, as well as hemolysis in infants. high yield, because for some reason the boards LOVE to test vitamin knowledge!

(oh, and speaking of vitamins, yes i took mine yesterday. and today. HOLLA!)


  1. atilla10:18 AM

    why is it that the board questions ask things that we don't really use day to day

  2. That's so cool you cooked your way through that go girl!

    Oh, those cinnamon rolls are divine! I just downed one for breakfast and am trying to talk myself out of another...heehee. :)

  3. Anonymous10:37 AM

    i'm really impressed that you did that cookthrough. with you schedule i'd imagine that was tough!

    glad youre enjoying the relaxing staycation :)

  4. I want to cook through this Ellie Krieger cookbook!

    Congrats on cooking your way through a Martha book!

  5. Sarah you rock! I'm going to try out all your faves!

  6. Anonymous11:55 AM

    YES! I have been waiting for this. I sometimes get so overwhelmed with cook books that I really need someone to point out the good recipes.

  7. Yay it's hung! All of your meals look so professional!

  8. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Congrats on the cook-thru of Martha. I wonder, was it the cookbook's restrictions that encouraged you to usually cook one meat and one veggie side or is this yall's natural way of cooking dinner? I have been inculcated from birth that you must have at least a starch, a veggie (or two) and a meat for dinner, yet it seems that a healthy dinner can really be just a veggie and a meat/protein source. Your thoughts on is this a healthy option? Thanks for continuing to inspire and enlighten us.

  9. Anonymous12:53 PM

    anonymous: thank you for your nice comment! if you look closely, i actually see a carb/starch in all of them (either a tortilla, noodles, crackers, or bread . . .) -- i tend to always make a meat/protein, veggie, and a bread/carb . . . i think that's my mom's training, although her meals would probably include even more bread -- and it would be homemade :)

    atilla: i don't know, man. but it's true!

    everyone: i'm glad you are going to try some martha!! the links i posted are to the posts where i wrote about the meals and not the recipes. if you want to find the recipes, just google 'everyday food' and the name of the dish -- it almost always comes up. if you can't find something, email me and i'll send it to you!

  10. Anonymous1:52 PM

    What a fun project! I would try something similar but it would have to be a quick meal veggie cookbook...I like eating at 6/6:30, and when I get home late it can be tricky. When do you usually eat dinner? Or would you pre-prep items?

  11. Anonymous2:38 PM

    sarah, we tend to eat fairly late -- josh doesn't usually get home until 7 something anyway. usually around 7:30 or 8, sometimes later. the exception is months like last month when i was on a super easy rotation and josh happened to be coming home earlier, then it's more like 6:30 or 7. i prefer earlier but it just doesn't happen most of the time.

    i don't ever pre-prep but that's not a bad idea!

  12. Yay for new dinner ideas...I love hearing about what was successful for other people! Adding these to the list.

    For the record, the NCLEX (nursing boards) didn't really test anything tangible...It had no relation to actually being a good nurse, in my opinion!