Wednesday, January 20, 2010

woah, wednesday!?

food ruts
apparently, this is "let's pretend this is a food blog!" week on the SHU box. i think i've been noticing food/nutrition a lot these past few weeks as several of my favorite bloggers have been embarking on resolution-fueled quests to clean up their diets in 2010. while my food resolution was to focus more on sustainability and eating slower (both counts are going just . . . okay, i would say), in recent days i've been inspired by these ladies to work on cleaning things up a little as well after a relatively indulgent holiday season.

i've also felt the need to work on getting out of some FOOD RUTS. eating the same things day in and day out:

is boring
is not the best strategy to get in essential nutrients
does not take in account the bounty of the current season
is boring

much like the above list. okay, so maybe the reasons aren't thousand-fold, but they're there. my personal food ruts include a super-repetitive breakfast of a whole grain english muffin with peanut or almond butter, plus fruit; i also tend to rely on amy's wraps and pockets A LOT for lunch. these are tasty, but get tiresome (and are expensive!).

so, i'm trying to diversify my choices a little, and aiming to sneak in a few more healthy foods in the process. behold: a breakfast that included vegetables!! perhaps a first for me on a weekday.

flat-out wrap with scrambled eggs, spinach, low fat cheese + locally made salsa

any breakfast (or lunch!) ideas are welcome. any of you suffer from food rut-itis?

scutmonkey genius
michelle's latest comic strip had me laughing out loud at the computer screen. nurse-readers (susan and others!) don't kill me -- i know YOU would never do this.

for those of you familiar with her blog, you probably know that michelle will be publishing a book this year! i have always loved her writing and am super-excited for the release. now i heart her even more because she gave me permission to show her cartoons on my blog. generous AND hilarious: love it.

the shopping cart grows fuller
anthro, i see that you have many items on sale. but what about my picks? too springy? sigh. i'll keep waiting patiently . . .

solar star blouse. i own very little yellow, and that needs to change.

this hourglass surplice looks like something i would wear ALL spring/summer

the ad infinitum is similar to a top i already love (in orange) and looks like it would be lovely for work.

work, shmirk
i'm not writing much about work because . . . what is there to say about me having to see 30-something males with issues, you know, down there? last time i checked, I THOUGHT I WAS IN PEDIATRICS.

today i am off to clinic at wake teen, where at least the age limit is 25. thank god.



workout: 35 minutes elliptical + 1 hour yoga/pilates class with a. after work (at the duke gym!).

clean eating: i switched up my dinner plans a bit because i apparently forgot to buy carrots + veggie broth (i knew monday's shopping trip was sub-par!).

clean eating open-faced tuna + veggie melt

i dirtied up the recipe a little (ha) by using low-fat instead of fat free yogurt, 2 english muffin halves (i refuse to skimp on whole grain carbs), and local ricotta on top rather than reduced fat cheddar. it was still quite healthy and delicious!


  1. I am the ultimate food rut person...soup + cottage cheese + fruit for lunch almost every day (except when I was pregnant and couldn't eat anything). Ask anyone who has worked with me in the past 10 years...what can I say, I kind of like my food rut!

  2. How was Duke gym yoga? I have been following your lead and getting up early to get my runs in before TA-ing :).

  3. Anonymous9:25 AM

    I love that yellow anthro shirt.

    I have breakfast ruts more than anything. I'll eat the same breakfast for months on end.

  4. Re: cartoon: You can get us back by ordering anything PR. Haha. Just kidding. Don't do that. Please.

  5. I would never do that!! Plus, what nursing student is there at odd hours of the night? We also don't have residents (although I kind of wish we did at times), so I could never do that. :) Last night I had to call for a nicotine patch (and pain meds, of course...gah) at 9:30 and I felt kind of bad about it. But since the doc returned the call in about two minutes I figure he wasn't sleeping! I hate when people get admitted (from the ER or PACU or wherever) and they say, "Oh, the nurse downstairs told me to tell you _____" The blank usually includes "I want pain meds" (you're not due yet since it's ordered every three hours...and ER/PACU knows that, gah), "I take this six meds that I forgot to tell anyone about, can I have them now?" (no, now I have to call and get them ordered. No, I can't just give them to you), or (my favorite) "to ask if my husband/mom/etc can stay overnight? Can we have a cot or something for him?" (You have cellulitis/very routine back surgery/an appy...go home.)

    Done. :)

  6. Anonymous10:15 AM

    i totally get into food ruts. and the funny thing is that i never notice until a friend mentions it to me haha!

  7. I haven't had a tuna melt in ages but I love them! They may be on my lunch menu for next week. And now I am off to shop thanks to you :)

  8. I ALMOST went to that yoga class!! I usually go but somehow decided dinner was more fun. Did you like it?

  9. I try to do the variety thing at dinner time, but I think I could have oatmeal for breakfast for the rest of my life and be completely happy.

  10. Dinner looks good to me! I end up eating "melts" a lot when I get home late.

  11. atilla6:25 AM

    when is anthro going to send you some free product?

  12. denise: well i guess at least you can vary the soup and fruit types :)

    cara: it was good!! not QUITE as good (or as hardcore) as the class we went to, but for $20/month unlimited i think it's a better option! and YAY early runs!

    susan + aimee: I LOVE getting your perspectives. ha, PR. at least it's a lot less gross on a 1 month old!

    allie: oh i can't wait until we randomly end up in class together! and i am trying to build the courage to try body tone . .

    atilla: ha. I WISH.