Monday, January 11, 2010

keeping it together

plannerfest 2010: an update
i was all excited about my 2010 system in this post, so i thought that in the spirit of monday (new week!), i'd provide a little update on how it was all working out. here's last week's 2-page spread:

close-up of the all-important blank side. essential for lists!

looks pretty comprehensive, right? let's zoom in on friday:

note: 10 am: reserve wilco tix. oh, it was in there. too bad i never bothered to open this pimped out stack of paper on friday morning to notice it! the tickets went to scalpers within minutes, and i missed the boat. i felt horrible, because i told a friend that i would get tickets for 3 of us!

note to self: the best system will not work if you don't look at it! i have found it useful to transfer the day's tasks onto the mini moleskine booklets. checking things off a list makes anything seem 1,000 times more doable (and more fun).

if only i had taken the time to do that on friday am!

big spender
so i went ahead and charged $2030 to our credit card yesterday. that's:

22.5 kai coats (at sale price)

4.5 linea pelle dylan bags

2.8 canon rebels

or, on a practical note,

2+ months rent

~4 months of groceries

but all i got for $2030 was this:

yay. now i just have to pass the test.

off to XT! it's a balmy 20 outside. a slight improvement . . .



workout: 10 mile run!
first 6.5 miles @ 8:43/mi pace
last 3.5 miles @ 9:25/mi pace (chatting all the while with cara)

culinary corner: i think i'm going to be rather lazy and eat a lot of leftovers this week! in fact, other than a big pot of soup, i don't have any major cooking plans on the horizon. i kicked off the week in the same vein by using up some leftovers from saturday night's dinner at milltown.

milltown salad: spinach with dried cranberries, almonds, artichokes, grilled chicken, and lambic dressing. accompanied by some ubercrunchy seedlander dr krackers

reading: some cases in peds in review. fun fact: strongyloides, a roundworm parasite, is endemic in the southeastern US! it can cause peripheral eosinophilia and GI symptoms. it can also be asymptomatic for years. YUM.


  1. I am sorry it is so cold in NC right now. We also have unusually cold weather with 5F this last Saturday. Needless to say I moved my 18 miler!

    About your problems with the badly calibrated TM you mentioned a few days ago, perhaps if you wear your footpod you can go by what that says instead? That is what I used to do at my old gym.

    I thought of you when I bought my planner for 2010; a moleskin with the week on one page and an empty page on the other, similar to yours!

    Have a good week!

  2. my condolences. i feel your pain since i recently parted with $2200 to pay for boards! the way i softened the blow was buying the Dylan bag BEFORE paying for boards.

    LOVE the planner situation!

  3. Anonymous8:34 AM

    You have such nice handwriting! Good luck on the exam. I think you should reward yourself with something nice for all the studying.

  4. I LOVE your planner posts! Since the new semester just started, I'm having fun organizing my planner too . . . if only this one professor would hurry up and post her syllabus!

  5. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Love your neat printing! I use my little Quo Vadis but have a smaller section for checkbox tasks, I like how theres a full page in your planner!

  6. Anonymous10:12 AM

    wow that is one expensive test!! and i love your planner system as well as your handwriting :)

  7. Omg, I want/need that planner...where did you get it?!!!! Seriously!

  8. I miss you already! We definitely can't wait eight more years before our next get-together :)

  9. Anonymous11:02 AM

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  10. pen: here is the planner: space 24. you can buy it at! maybe they'll have a discount now that it's already 2010 :)

  11. $2030!??!?!?!?! You've got to be kidding me!! Seriously!? I need to get into that business :)

  12. oh yaya i figured out how to leave a comment! :) good luck on the test!

  13. My friends just got tix to Wilco and I didn't even realize they were coming to town. I wish I did!
    Can you teach my how to have handwriting like yours?

  14. It may be easier to think of that exam fee as an investment. You will ultimately get more money out of it than what you spent on it; those coats and Rebels will only depreciate.

  15. atilla10:05 PM

    $2030 is a rip...they could administer the test on line for almost nothing. The price structure was designed by people who forgot how much it cost to get where you are

  16. Just think of that $2200 as an investment :)

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