Friday, January 22, 2010

passion & fashion

late adolescent angst
i guess the 'shiny new year' glow has worn off for many of the duke students. it was an mood swing circus ride in student health yesterday! i had a string of three females who burst into tears during their visits (and no, i was not emloying any hard-nosed psychological tactics designed to open the floodgates).

it was enough to make me want to come home and drink this:

(which, of course, i did). good thing i didn't go into psychiatry (i thought about it, though!), because my liver might not be in such good shape right now. visits with depressed or anxious patients are emotionally exhausting to me! i just wanted to be able to fix things, but i don't know how to do it with those issue. i want to grab them by the shoulders and tell them to go for a run (endorphins!) and then watch the news on haiti to get some perspective -- but i know it's not that simple.

anyway, i commend practitioners who do work with and help patients with these kinds of issues on a regular basis. it's #(*&(@ hard, and very important, so someone needs to do it. someone other than me.

winding down
amazingly, today marks the end of the adolescent rotation already! it was a short one (3 rather than the usual 4 weeks), and it pretty much flew by. for the most part, i really liked working with teens -- especially out at this free clinic and in the eating disorders clinic.

i also greatly enjoyed the (basically) 8 am - 5:30 pm lifestyle most days. would have been even nicer if josh's schedule weren't flipped opposite of this, but it was still nice.

check it out:

what is that, you ask? why, it's my may/june 2010 schedule . . .for the last month ever of residency!!! approximately 5 months from now, i will have completed all training necessary to become a general pediatrician. this would give me a heart attack, except that i'm not going to become a general pediatrician and therefore have 3 more years of training on my plate in the form of a fellowship.

but still: pretty crazy. i can't believe i've been in some sort of educational pathway for the past 25 years!

weekend spoiler
i'm so excited to have this whole weekend off -- with NO pesky backup call this time. it's even sort of a 3-day deal because i don't start my next rotation until monday at 5 pm. i'm trying not to get too ahead of myself, but i can't help thinking about the fun things i have planned! including . . .

☑ dinner at jibarra (which looks sort of similar to philadelphia's famous distrito)
☑ intimate dinner party for 4 at our house on saturday
☑ more duke yoga
☑ plenty of josh-time

and just because it's friday
and because i'm feeling mean:

belted heart dress by see by chloe

mean because this little peach piece of perfection is $660 and will never be mine. oh well! maybe modcloth will come up with a copy . . .



workout: 5 miles outside with 6 x 1 minute speed intervals -- it was supposed to be sort of a structured fartlek-style workout.
interval paces: 7:52, 7:53, 7:39, 7:48, 7:45, 7:43
overall pace: 8:46/mi

inspired by broccoli: or is that the broccoli hut? maybe both. i wasn't super hungry but was craving a snack-style dinner . . . and the herbed ricotta from hillsborough cheese co!

this plate fulfilled both requirements

it also went well with my two-hearted ale from above.

reading: none yesterday -- i was just in the mood to relax after all of the clinic drama! but i'm about to hit some reading now . . . i will make my goal of 5/7 days this week. i'm determined!


  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    wow. only 5 months left? that's crazy! but in a good way :)

    and no fair showing that dress. it's sooo cute but $660?! yup guess it'll never be mine either haha

  2. So will you continue at Duke for your fellowship? At that point do you start just doing endocrinology?

  3. Hehe, I most definitely approve of your dinner. Nothin like a little dipping plate for a satisfying meal:)

  4. As a dietitian who works in a psychiatric hospital, I completely understand your frustration with mental health issues and patients. But what amazes me is that you enjoyed the eating disorder patients! They are my least favorite of all!

  5. atilla11:40 PM

    did some psycho therapy today on a surgeon who could use a personal viewing of "anger Management" your blog was right on target

  6. marathon: hopefully someone will make a knockoff :) $600 = definitely not in my price range. or even close to it.

    chelsea: i am staying at duke to do a pediatric endocrinology fellowship. so yep - i'll be in the same place for the next 3.5 years!

    caroline: sometimes a dipping meal is just what you need, you know?

    elizabeth: i think part of it is that i've had multiple family members with eating disorders and i feel like i'm somewhat good at working with those patients (vs others who are just super uncomfortable). i also happened to be in clinic on days where patients were doing really well -- so it felt very hopeful! i can COMPLETELY see how it would be super frustrating though too (and i know this from personal experience from dealing with family members!) . . and especially as a dietician. wow. but your job is SO important to those patients -- so i commend you for doing it!

    atilla: hmm, i don't think that diagnosis is too uncommon in your field :) luckily we both know there are many exceptions!