Tuesday, January 12, 2010

laughing is medicinal

adolescence, revisited
you know what? i really like adolescent medicine. this is a good thing, since endocrine has plenty of overlap with that specialty: teenage diabetics, lots of referrals for various menstrual and puberty-related issues, and the like. teens tend to be pretty open with me and i enjoy working with them. i would rather see a full panel of girls with STD symptoms and vague complaints of fatigue than spend a single hour in the PICU.

my goal is to get them to be more like this:


and less like this:


viral video: what's your favorite?
while i have a soft spot in my heart for pearl the landlady and (of course) bon qui qui, i have a current new fave:

if you have ever worked in an emergency department, you will truly appreciate this one! it gets funnier to me every time. yet: so true . . .

ER doctor: ma'am, that is not a seizure. that is a dance move.

patient: the only thing that helps my pain is some kind of medicine that starts with vick. vicko. vick-o-din.

the 'allergies list' is also not to be missed. ENJOY!

one of my favorite healthy/lifestyle bloggers is angela from oh she glows. angela started her own business (an in-home bakery!) and is enjoying much-deserved success on multiple fronts, including her blog (it seems like her posts generate 90-100 comments each -- WOAH!).

this week, angela wrote about one of my favorite topics -- multitasking! she even referred to a zen habits piece on the subject. i loved reading her tips and action plan, and will try to remember to embrace singletasking throughout the day today.



workout: 35 minutes elliptical + weights
- 2 x 12 pushups
- 2 x 12 squats with ball (10 lb weights)
- 2 x 10 pullups (5 x 50 lb assist, 5 x 60 lb assist each time)
- 2 x 12 walking double lunges (8 lb weights)
- 2 x 10 lateral/forward raises in lunge (6 lb weights)
- 2 x 15 bicycle crunches

culinary corner: leftovers. are. the. best. sometimes, anyway! i had to hit whole foods after work, so it was really nice not having to cook dinner too. calzones to the rescue! after a little microwave defrosting, this crisped up nicely in the oven in just 10 minutes.

delicious with a cup of pacific butternut squash soup

reading: 2 articles on PCOS for a presentation i have to give next week.


  1. I love that video-- "I'm having anxiety because I can't get any Xanax" LOL

  2. Anonymous8:44 AM

    omg that video is HILARIOUS! i worked a shift in the er for one of my classes this semester and there was a patient exactly like this

  3. That was hilarious, loved the video (plus sent to Andy).

  4. Hey Sarah! I'm a lurker that's been reading for ~ 3 months. I'm a Canadian Optometry student so I really enjoy your perspectives! I had to break out and comment because I have PCOS and am always shocked when a) it's mentioned anywhere or b) people know what it is. hahah

  5. "I want a Sierra Mist and a dinner tray, I have not eaten all day." Hahahah I love it.

    I had a patient just like the video this past week. She was "in pain and nauseated from the pain" but was VERY hungry and wanted to eat. When I'm nauseated, I don't even want to look at food...

    The list of allergies was quite impressive as well.

    I had to call the doctor to try and get more pain meds (because it's not my decision if they're drug seeking or not), and he actually came up to the floor (because the pt was requesting him to...). After seeing the patient, he was like, "Come with me..." Took me in the hallway and said, "People who take Xanax and Ativan are drug seekers." I'm not sure that true all the time, but it might have been in this case.

    I once had a patient who had EVERYONE convinced he was a drug seeker until tests revealed that his body was full of cancer. :( Really young too, I felt terrible.

  6. Hah that video is great. Although I have to say, I am totally crushing on seizure lady's dress. And she is not even an actual person hahaha.

  7. Jennifer V11:06 AM

    Love the video - that pretty much summarizes my call last night!

  8. Yes, we could do with fewer Lohans in the world. :)

  9. I still cannot get over the allergy list "ibuprofin, tylenol, aspirin, zofran, non-narcotics, wind, the direction east, non-fat food, employment."

  10. Oh my!!!! That video is awesome...though not the same, made me think of the mom we had last night that brought her child in 30 hours AFTER a car accident, trying to get a school excuse! Um...no! Can't believe she didn't say she was allergic to Morphine...it probably makes her nauseated! ;-)

    Your work-out list makes me think how badly I need to start doing weights again...I just can't get motivated to do it. Oh, to be toned again!

  11. Anonymous8:52 PM

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  12. That video makes me glad I am not in the medical profession. 6th graders can be trying but at least they aren't trying to illegally get prescription drugs. Kyle and I love the Bon Qui Qui video, but have you seen the "Can I have your number?" skit? It's even funnier!