Saturday, January 16, 2010

aghghghghghgh MINDFULMINDFULMINDFUL breathe

it's so easy
to talk about mindfulness when you're calmly sipping coffee with a whole day ahead of you, rested and clean. but it's so hard when you get a phone call mid-day that you're probably going to end up working the night in the PICU (ie, my least favorite place IN THE WORLD).

i am on backup this weekend, so that's my job. i just happen to HATE this part of my job. thankfully, residency will be over in 5 months, and i will be immune to having to take PICU call (or any sort of overnight in-house call, for that matter) for the rest of my life.

plus, the person i'm covering it for will have to pay me back, so really there is nothing unfair about this situation.

so, in summary
i will stop the hissyfit (really, that was my initial reaction -- nothing mindful about it), take a deep breath, be a big girl, and ride the wave of whatever happens tonight. i will try to do the best i can with the situation, and remember that i really have it very, very easy. PICU or no PICU, it's going to be okay.

and, at least i got to drink wine
(last night, that is. no drinking while on backup call!). maybe i crashed into bed (thanks, wine) at 9 pm because i KNEW this was coming and needed my rest.

or maybe i'm just that lame.

either way, we had a fun happy hour (or 2) at home.

spread of baba ghanoush, bloomin' sweet ash goat cheese, and dr. krackers. ended up being dinner, with plenty of bella wine

cheese close-up. i LOVE this stuff

josh, i said smile

all right, close enough



workout: 6 miles in 29 degrees (although it's 60 now!!!), with 3 x 4 minutes at accelerated pace (7:42-7:58/mi for the accelerated portions, ~9:00/mi for the rest).

reading: uh oH! i'm going to have to read today AND sunday to hit my goal of 5/week. ah yes, reading in the PICU. that might happen . . .


  1. I love snacky dinners like that. Good luck in the PICU. I don't think you've ever (at least since I've been reading) explained exactly what makes the PICU so much worse than any of the other stressful work environments you have to deal with.

  2. Anonymous6:46 PM

    stinks that work had to mess with your nirvana moment & your coffee. but you get good karma points :)

  3. Anonymous6:57 PM

    I probably would have thrown a hissy fit too. Hopefully it isn't as bad once you actually get there.

    That goat cheese looks great.

  4. I hope that all the sick kids in the PICU behave themselves for you tonight. I'm thinking of you, possibly because I ordered my favorite pizza again tonight (I'm justifying it by the fact that I'm a little sick today and it's good comfort food) :).

  5. It sounds like you are being very mindful - it just takes a little practice at first! At least the world has coffee and wine to make it all worth it ...