Tuesday, January 05, 2010

2000: a college odyssey

a look back: 2000
the beginning of a new decade has spurred a lot of reminiscence and introspection from many of us! i've been saving these scanned pics on my desktop (for a rainy day? or an unspired morning?), but heather, who writes the fabulously-named hangrypants blog, beat me to the punch yesterday in posting a great series of pictures from her college days. so, i figured i would stop procrastinating and follow suit!

(plus, maybe i'm a little uninspired today. so it works out nicely.)

i went to williams college, a small liberal arts college in western massachusetts. it was very cold and highly academic. i met some of my best friends there. i sang a capella, acted in musicals, did neuroscience research, and was a pretty dedicated little pre-med student in that i tried to get the best grades i possibly could.

williams was also isolated and a bit frat-tastic DESPITE the fact that there are no formal frats there. honestly? the social scene was largely dominated by sports teams and super-clean-cut blonds who came from private schools in connecticut (or the likes) who were very into beer, and themselves. i ended up mostly in a series of messes when it came to relationships with the opposite sex, and wasn't always the happiest.

junior year vickie and i spent multiple frigid nights drinking raspberry stoli from chemistry mugs while aimee mann wailed on the stereo, wondering HOW we managed to end up in the middle of nowhere slammed with organic chemistry homework while our friends gallavanted abroad in places like rome and biarritz.

ANYWAY. my point is, it wasn't paradise, but it was memorable and rich and interesting. these pictures are just a tiny sample of what i found lying around! they are all from the year 1999-2000, i believe.

in my little dorm room, intently writing a paper on a stone-age PC. i think this was for a class i took on the works of sylvia plath

holding a picture of myself as a toddler! love the smile . . . not sure about the eyebrows.

singing with ephlats. oh we thought we were COOL!

drinking from solo cups! of course. with my friend anjali who was visiting from boston U 2.5 hours east

a bunch of us (including vickie to my right!) going ALL the way to amherst to attend a behavioral neurobiology conference!! a little foreshadowing of what was to come. the enthusiasm and pure unbridled GLEE in this nerdy picture cracks me up.

oh, there's so much more i could say but i need to head to the gym! i hope everyone is enjoying getting back into the swing of things this new year -- i feel busy already, but happy and pretty refreshed.



workout: 5 miles, 3 x 1 mi @ 8:20/mi, 0.5% incline. interestingly, this was much slower than my tempo runs outside and felt at least as hard. it also felt faster than the treadmill i use at the gym sometimes. i think there's something weird about the calibration of my apartment complex's machine!

the splendid table: i made the super-easy recipe for white beans with garlic and rosemary (although i think 'beans 'n' greens' is catchier). it was simple but tasty, AND left me with room for a cinnamon-a-licious dessert.

reading: i actually didn't read last night -- but i did this morning. my goal is 5x/week (and i did read/study the prior 3 days), so i'm still doing okay. i'll save my fun fact of the day for tomorrow!


  1. Really wonderful! I think you kind of look exactly the same (like me). Oh and I had a purple imac. Gotta get a picture of that bad boy!

  2. wow, we look SO happy holding up those dorky posters! i appreciate your discretion for not posting any raspbery stoli-related photographs.

    also, do you remember how the van got stuck in the parking garage in northampton?

  3. Hey Sarah - this is Meredeth, Emily's "running buddy" who sometimes creepily stocks you by reading your blog ;) But what can I say? I also love running (except for the past three months of pain jumping all around my right leg...:P), anthro fashion and food. And am also a pretty huge science geek (obviously). Anyways - just thought I'd say hi! I love this post by the way. I can definitely identify with rocking the science nerd and a capella world in a frat-tastic isolated environment (I went to Dartmouth).

  4. Cute pictures. Crazy how 10 years definitely doesn't seem like that long ago.

  5. I love looking back at how I was...and how cool I thought I was! Ha!

  6. Anonymous10:52 AM

    you sang a capella? i'm so jealous!! i've always wanted to be able to sing.

  7. http://bit.ly/8z8enC
    I know this is late for your skin care regimen questions, but I just found it. Check out this article on micrbeads in exfoliators and how the little plastic beads get out to the fish. Ewwww. As we try to eat ethically guess we also need to find ethical grooming products.

  8. oh - you are too cute!! i love your acapella group pic..

  9. I just read the hangrypants post and then yours! I love these and want to do one, but they look like a lot of work, haha.

  10. Love the post! You look so freakin' young :) And love the new blog! Wow...college seems like a really loooong time ago.

  11. 1) YES!! All bars and restaurants in NC are NOW smoke free!!! The Fed was great!! Parrish works in youth tobacco prevention, so he was pretty excited :) I'm excited because smoke is gross and makes my eyes burn and my nice clothes stink.

    2) Love the pics! Janetha of meals and moves does flashback friday, and posts pics from the past. I LOVE the idea!

    3) LOVE the new blog. It's suits you!

  12. atilla11:29 PM

    great vintage pix

  13. This was so great. I should do a high school post! If we went to college together, I would totally be nerdy friends with you :)

  14. AAAAAAAGHHHHH! Mission furniture! I wonder if it still exists. Did we ever get a picture of Dave Chung sitting on top of Vickie's wardrobe? Or did I just imagine that? Love it. LOVE it.

  15. Hee hee - you were cute