Thursday, December 10, 2009

marathon playlist

miley + much, much more
warning: the theme for this race is COMFORT. therefore, i tried to pick music that i know well and that i have run to many times! hence: the high, high concentration of GAGA. i also sprinkled it through with cheesy pump-up songs that i think will provide me with the right boosts needed at certain times.

getting started: full of catchy hits from "whatcha say" to "halo", but nothing too upbeat. and yes, you are seeing miley cyrus in there. what can i say? this should get me through the first 3 miles.

strategic slowdown: i LOVE the decemberists hazards of love album, and hearing it takes me back to the amazing concert i attended earlier this year.


going with what i know: by the time i exit the magical fantasy world created by these songs, i will be about 10 miles into the race. and ready for . . .


(not a surprise to anyone who reads this regularly, i expect. after all, i saw her in concert too!)

bringing it home: by this point i should be at around mile 16 or so. ie: time for the real test to begin! the rest of the playlist is a mix of inspiring/calming songs (sigur ros, fleet foxes), old friends (ben folds, andrew bird), flat-out motivators (kanye's "stronger"), and ridiculous distractions (FERGALICIOUS, anyone?). the entire list is 4 hours. hopefully i won't be making it to the very end!

lookin' good!


for those of you who asked for earbud recommendations: i am far from a headphone guru. i think earbuds that stay in depend more on ones ears than the earbuds themselves! personally, the classic iPod buds stay in my ears just fine, but i know that they fall right out of my sister's ears. unfortunately, they don't last forever -- i think getting wet from sweat (ew, i know) ruins them, and the cords tend to fray.

about to take my new 'phones for a test run. i got these little skullcandy buds -- available for around $10 from amazon. they come with 3 sizes of rubber bud, so if the mediums don't work, i'll try the smalls.

they are cute and sound crisp. i am hoping that they will be functional on the run!

on a completely random note
anyone see the most recent grey's anatomy where the chick below hangs out on ECMO for a few weeks, talking and hangin' out the whole time?

okay fine, she has a nasal cannula. woah, critical.

yes, she does get ischemic bowel (and gets operated on WITHOUT anesthesia!! (%*&(#*&@#!), but otherwise it just looks like she gets a restful vacation from having to pump blood to her organs. i wonder how many people watch this and think, "oh good, i'm glad we can do that now." if only ECMO was that easy . . .



workout: 40 minutes elliptical. this workout was optional but i had energy to burn. this AM is the last run before race day!


  1. atilla7:14 AM

    at least she didn't have a fling with Mcdreamy on ecmo

  2. Love your playlist!! My sister and I love Fergalicious. It always cheers us up. PLUS fleet foxes!! LOVE THEM!

  3. Anonymous8:28 AM

    I have no idea whatsoever what you are talking about in your last paragraph about Grey's!

    I think I've told you this before, but my favorite Sigur Ros song to run to is Saeglopur.

  4. claire9:03 AM

    run strong, Sarah!!!

  5. Miley has pulled me through SO many of my runs. I've been so close to blogging about my obsession haha....I'm finally coming out!

  6. Anonymous9:11 AM

    totally in love with your playlist! gaga = wicked awesome music to move fast too :)

  7. Wish you could email me that playlist!!

    I like Fireflies!!

  8. I think the cheesey songs will pull you doubt! Especially the ones that will make you want to dance in the middle of the marathon.

    I loooove what TV teaches people about medical how ONE LITTLE BUBBLE in your IV line will kill you. Obviously. Please stop freaking out now.

  9. Good luck on your race. I love your playlist. You should check out my pre-yoga mini playlist I listen to in the car. Gaga is awesome. Make sure you have Bad Romance.

  10. Awesome playlist. I love it when the right song comes on at the right time to keep you going.

  11. Fireflies and Party in the USA - my two favorite songs right now.

    is it embarrassing that I know every single word to those songs...?

    Can't believe you'll be running in 48 hours! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to hear all about it!

  12. GOOD LUCK!!!! I love your music too!

  13. I love reading about your marathon prep! It reminds me of how it used to be for me. I could spend hours making a play list, read up on carb loading and make pace charts. These days I am so busy with a baby in the house that I am glad if I can make it to the start bringing both my mp3 player and my timing chip. Before my marathon in May I even forgot to have dinner the night before! I remembered as I was going to bed that "Hm, right, I am running a marathon tomorrow and I haven't had dinner!" If I can't pop in before your race, best of luck to you and run like the wind!
    PS You might remember I had a marathon planned for the same date but Ingrid very effectively incubated me with her cold so I will sit this one out.