Friday, December 04, 2009

friday free-for-all

plannerfest 2010: vol. II
over a month ago, i got all in a froth about my planner system for 2010. in that post, i mentioned a future giveaway! yet here we are in december, and i still have a pristine 2010 quo vadis equology planner on my shelf that i received from exaclair's wonderful karen for review.

so, clearly it's time to get to it. overall, i love this planner! the cover is a cheery red, and material has a lovely nubby feel. the pages are 100% recycled, so it's earth friendly as well.

while this ecological planner does not have the blindingly white and ultrasmooth paper that my exacompta planner has, the pages have a nice weight and feel to them. i suspect that pens will not bleed through too much.

the days are in columns and there is plenty of list-making territory on the right-hand side of each spread. and there are little boxes under each date for priority tasks -- a nice touch.

categories on the side include phone, fax/email, see + do, pay/receive, and notes. of course, i'd morph them into something like:

work tasks

the possibilities are endless with this flexible system. also, note the cute little perforation on each bottom right-hand corner. tear off each week, and you'll easily find your place in the year.

in typical quo vadis style, this cutie is also packed with maps and other goodies. in case you need to urgently see where liberia is or something like that.

i would say that the only downsides for me are:

only a miniature space for sunday
no monthly pages in the beginning of the planner
i'd prefer blank boxes on the side so i could name my own categories.

i can't host giveaways on this page, but YOU MIGHT just find a fun friday freebie on my giveaways page! [side note: is it sad that i like my companion blog header that i made in like 30 seconds better than this one?]

after hitting 'publish' on yesterday's angsty post, i started to feel better. i think my mindfulness strategies actually worked! randomly, the famous angela from oh she glows posted on the exact same topic yesterday.

i guess it's just that sort of week for a lot of us! but after a productive morning, a good session in the lab, a wonderful run, and a totally delicious interview dinner, things are looking up.

today's plans
☑ tidy up apartment
☑ easy 5 miles
☑ clean bathroom, because a very well-known neat freak will be borrowing the shower facilities :)
☑ look up some more articles
☑ write email to attending re: project and write up very VERY sketch outline of project
☑ afternoon clinic
☑ drive to raleigh + cook dinner for my sister (who is headed to london for a week in the AM)

a lovely friday. i can't complain!



workout: 6 miles with tempo:
2 mile warmup: 8:40/mi
3 miles tempo: 7:55/mi
1 mile cooldown: 8:40/mi

i actually am worried that my polar might be overestimating my speed. i've never run this fast this easily before! i think i need to head to a marked path to test it out. i guess it doesn't REALLY matter, but i think it will help for race day planning purposes to know where i stand.

doin' time: ahhh! i had an amazing dinner at watts grocery and i SO wanted to take pictures. but i was with pediatric residency applicants, and i didn't want them to think i was crazy. although this blog is probably the most honest depiction of our program that you can get (and, for the record, i DO LOVE our program and am happy i went here!).

i will just say that the butternut squash ravioli (homemade pasta . . . and scented with truffle oil) and grapefruit sorbet with pomegranate granita were AMAAAAZING. i forgot how wonderful that restaurant is!


  1. Anonymous9:03 AM

    such a cute planner. love the color.

    and i think youre just getting faster because youre a talented runner :)

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  3. Just wanted to share a delightful find with you - I've been doing my holiday shopping and have been buying a lot of stationary for friends/family, and found this wonderful papery that I think you would love -!

  4. I think your 10k time has shown you are definitely becoming a better runner. I didn't realize how close your marathon was. How exciting!

  5. Watt's is my favorite restaurant ever! I could seriously eat there once a week. Love that they use seasonal, loca ingredients.
    Are you headed to the blog meet up tomorrow?
    Oh, and you were right about my lettuce not being arugula. It was red leaf lettuce....whoops!

  6. atilla9:32 PM

    I think you can take pictures in any setting

  7. Anonymous12:44 AM

    planners make me so happy.

  8. Wow, I just found your blog and absolutely love it, particularly since I'm a college pre-med student hoping to enter pediatrics.

  9. Your shower was immaculate!!!