Monday, December 21, 2009

and so it begins: last full week of the year!

sunday brunch
there's just something wonderful about a decadent & leisurely sunday meal with family. josh was post-call from wake med yesterday in raleigh, which is where my sister lives, so the stars were aligned perfectly for the occasion.

we all met up at zest cafe & home art, a combination restaurant/boutique that is extremely cute with good cuisine to boot.

before any brunch was consumed, however, it was gift exchange time!! i was super-excited to give my sister a pair of indian earrings from one world market (i had stopped by there to give april her planner giveaway prize!).

she just returned from england (for work) and brought me . . .

orla kiely chocolates!!!!!!!!!

they are as delicious as they look. i checked.

the rest of brunch was quite lovely. josh managed to stay awake post-call:

the OJ came with a pineapple & strawberry skewer. nice touch.

i ordered a 'pizzesta':

a bargain, since it provided enough to share PLUS part of josh's dinner last night!

admittedly, i was jealous of my sister's plate after seeing (and tasting):

warm, melty, pillowy goat cheese

i love how i have a picture of her plate but not HER. too bad, because she was dressed quite fashionably. next time!!

up & coming
i'm actually excited that it's monday, and that i'm back to a pretty full work schedule for the week -- to be followed by 6 days off for new years! i've been spending a lo-o-o-ng time writing my posts latey, and i'm going to have to be a bit more efficient. here's a little teaser of things to come, though (which i'm doing in part so i can remember what i wanted to write about!).

doin' time recap: top 10 recipes
☑ cooking plans for 2010
☑ resolution-o-rama! i think i might roll mine out one at a time. countdown-style, perhaps.
☑ continuation of the running story
☑ next training/race plan

twitter: i kind of get it now
i admit i didn't 'get' twitter when it first came out. it just seemed like another facebook, but more annoying to read. but in the past few weeks since i've installed tweetdeck, it's been a lot more fun. i actually use twitter mainly for blog friends & contacts (feel free to follow along), whereas i use facebook for the real world (admittedly the lines do blur sometimes!).

and i realize that i'm slow on the uptake, but last night i just realized that you can follow really anyone who has a public profile. including . . .

yay! can't wait to hear what these peeps have to say.

AM run
okay, off to run on the shortest day of the year (i think). it's cold out (27), but i feel lucky NOT to be tromping through snow!



workout: none! i decided to only do what i felt like last week -- and being SORE from my weights workout on saturday, i just wasn't up for a run. no running on saturday OR sunday -- i can't remember the last time that happened!

reading: none for work . . . but i started the namesake and so far it is AMAZING! i loved the movie, but i absolutely adore the writing style of jhumpa lahiri and the way i can just linger on the images for as long as i want.


  1. Ooh, chocolate pictures! What did the round one with the dark sprinkles taste like?

  2. Anonymous8:35 AM

    yum, those chocolates look amazing! So exciting you have 6 days off!
    I definitely want to hear mroe of the running story, especially now that I am finally ready to call myself a runner :)

  3. Anonymous8:44 AM

    you totally would follow gaga :)

    me and my sister prolly severely damaged out eardrums last night listening to her. youd be proud of our dedication to her! hahah

  4. I KNEW you would follow Gaga! :D

    Merry Christmas, bloggie [and real life!] buddy.

  5. One day I'm going to have to see what this whole Twitter thing is all about.

    Looking forward to seeing all your upcoming plans.

  6. I still don't really get twitter either. And have not heard of tweetdeck? I'm clueless sometimes...

    I'm excited for your top 10 doin' time recipes!
    Happy Holidays!

  7. You look wonderful and happy in that picture at brunch (and I love the Anthro pullover!).

    I'm always inspired by your New Years resolutions, so I can't wait to see them!

  8. Glad you are enjoying the namesake - you would like her other books too.

  9. jon: hey, how did you know that's the one i tried!? it had a soft dark chocolate center. yum!!

    meg: tweetdeck is a program that lets you have twitter in the background and 'pops' up tweets as they happen. you can reply right from the little desktop console. it's fun . . . you'll like it!!

  10. atilla9:55 PM

    really loved the movie

  11. I'm liking your end of year posts, although I don't know if I'll make 2010 goals since I met few of my 2009 ones. Also, loved The Namesake.

  12. Anonymous10:20 PM

    I am the same way with facebook and twitter. I use twitter for blog friends and facebook for real life friends, although there are some on both, like you!

    I thought the Namesake book was a lot better than the movie. Hope you enjoy it.

  13. Thanks for checking on those chocolates for us. It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it! ;)

    Brunch looks awesome!

  14. I didn't get twitter at first either...but now it's really fun! I feel more connected to people as well, and I meet new people on a regular basis so that's fun too. :)