Monday, November 09, 2009

everything's better . . .

in the morning
and a beautiful morning it is. fall in NC might just be the best season.

with a list
ahhhhhhh. i feel better already.

when it's free
for you and for me! i have learned that i can no longer post giveaways on this site due to BlogHer regulations, but they allow me to do so via an ad-free auxiliary site. therefore, today marks the launch of ghost world giveaways! check it out here to find out what is in this box without having to squint hard and tilt your head at the computer screen, and to win its contents.

hint: it is edible.

with a soundtrack
i don't know why it took me a month to buy thao's know better learn faster, but i'm glad i finally did.

with friends
we've got a great group of bloggers/readers coming out to the meet up at six plates in durham on november 19. it's not too late to RSVP -- click on the link above, or the picture of wine on the sidebar! allie and i would love to see you there!

in the right outfit
this weekend i fought hard through a viral haze to

a) catch up on top model (oh i LOVE nicole!)
b) almost finish a wild sheep's chase
c) discover a new fashion inspiration: anthroholic. never mind that she is an ectomorphic sylphlike creature with a seemingly limitless income, she makes me feel as if perhaps I COULD WEAR THAT TOO, and if i did, everything would just be that much better.

all an illusion, of course, but a pretty one nonetheless.

sort of like the idea that i could wear the swirling villages dress to work without some kid getting their secretions all over it.


  1. What a great Monday mantra. Hope the list is tackled successfully and you get your week off to a fresh, wonderful start!

    Love the new pumped!

  2. Sounds like you're feeling better...what a better way to start the week!

  3. Glad you are feeling better. Good luck getting everything checked off the list.

  4. i LOVE nicole too! she is so elegant and geeky/awkward all at the same time. i think that there is no point in continuing on with the season - she HAS to win. glad you're feeling better.

  5. Anonymous1:32 PM

    woot to feeling better! and it's so true that everything is better in the morning -- great saying :)

  6. glad you're feeling better! i was worried it was the swine flu!

  7. Love your lists! I am just such a list-maker too. Glad you are feeling better :)