Sunday, November 01, 2009


morning? night? whatever.
i'm sitting here drinking coffee at 3:36 PM in preparation for what feels like leg #2 of some sort of weekend emergency department adventure relay. my body is totally confused (and somewhat miffed) at the complete day/night reversal! i'm waiting to get to that point where i am so tired that i can sleep a full 7-8 hours during the daylight. unfortunately, i'm not there yet, which means that the looming 12 hour shift is not going to be a lot of fun.

at least it's not call, though. i like that i will always have the extreme pain of a 30 hour shift (worst case scenario: in the PICU!) to compare everything else to. nothing will ever, ever be that bad.

PERSPECTIVE !!! such an amazing, valuable thing.

honestly? despite my huge buildup, last night wasn't all that bad. i surely did not appreciate the extra hour ("hey, look, it's 1:15 . . . AGAIN!"), but we were not all that busy. i was facebooking up a storm by 3 am with just two patients hanging around (one getting a fever workup and a drunk + underage student sleeping off her halloween hangover!), and i got to leave the millisecond my shift ended with nothing to sign out.

the only low point was an EASY missed IV -- arughgh! in my defense, the nurse should have let me keep trying! the tipsy teenager REALLY couldn't have cared less (trust me -- she said so! multiple times . . .), and we were not in the least bit pressed for time. oh well.

maybe tonight will be a good IV night.

random treats
my gym bag is tired and at least 5 years old. i am thinking about replacing it with this cutie from lug, which i noticed in a magazine.

look: compartments! including one for sweaty shoes.

i especially like the quilting on the pockets.

on the fashion side, here is a dress that i do not need and therefore will not buy:

but OH i had to post it because . . . just look at it. sigh. enough to brighten even this dreary fall day.



workout: 9 miles, average 8:51/mi pace in chapel hill. i have to say my legs were OVER IT on this run. i think that doing 13 on thursday and weights/elliptical on friday did not put me in a rested place to start this run, which was supposed to be done at a slightly faster clip (40 seconds over 10K pace, says the FIRST plan). i churned out the last few miles with sheer willpower, talking myself through each bit as preparation for my race . . . i mean, what if my legs just aren't feeling it on race day?

doin' time: upon arriving home, i made myself a hearty carb-replenishing late lunch à la martha -- i've been digging these dinner-like lunches on days when dinner is cold and eaten between patients in the ED!

fetuccine with easy meat sauce + arugula and tomato salad

i used ground bison for the meat -- yum! and, annie's tuscany italian dressing for the salad. while i often make my own salad dressings (olive oil + vinegar + whatever spices i am feeling at that moment!) i have really been liking this dressing recently . . . it has sundried tomatoes and creamy, slightly tangy taste.

reading: peds in review article on male genitourinary problems. i MUCH prefer dealing with females with these sorts of things!


  1. Anonymous5:02 PM

    glad the halloween shift wasn't as bad as it could have been!

    cute gym bag. love the separate area for gross shoes! i desperately need to replace mine too.

  2. I have a story I think you'd appreciate can relate to after your SHU half marathon/grudge against daylight savings time...

    I had been all ready to run my favorite half marathon this morning (it would have been year #3). Bib pre-pinned, d-tag on my shoe, outfit laid out...and I set my alarms for the morning. I use my cell phone alarm (bad idea...) and manually set it back an hour for D.S., as well as my back-up alarm. My cell phone must have set itself back another hour at 2am, prompted by my network...and then my back-up alarm (let's call it "vintage") just so happened to run out of batteries last night. When my alarm went off (an hour late), I got dressed and walked into the kitchen to grab my pre-race banana, I looked at the clock, which read the exact time the race was SUPPOSED TO START. And there was no way I would be able to make it to the starting line in any reasonable time.

    UGH. So upset. And worst of all, I had the distinct pleasure of looking out my window to see the first runners run by (my apartment is on the main street of the route). So, I channeled you and went and ran my own 13.1 miles. As my form of self-flaggelation for being stupid enough to oversleep, I forced myself to book it and wound up running it way faster than expected. The first HJL half marathon was definitely a success!

  3. Also - LOVE that bag! And sorry for my novel-length comment.

  4. Wow, being at work that long and watching the clock go back an hour just sounds awful!

    I love that bag though.

  5. My mother, sister-in-law and I all own that bag in grey, green and pink. I love it for the airport with many pockets and compartments. Good deals were found on ebay.

  6. My favorite foods are ones that are eaten cold, shoved into my mouth while charting like a mad man.

    IVs can be so tricky...I don't know how I miss when the vein is RIGHT THERE. Frustrating!

    Glad Halloween in the ER wasn't too terrible...although it had some good potential for some awesome stories.

  7. atilla8:59 PM

    tips for iv's:
    sit on a chair..if you're leaning over you get tired before you get it in. Don't ever hesitate to try a second or third try. Its not always because of your technique that you miss..sometime the vein is just hard to stick.
    If its a really tough vein get someone to help you and simply stick it in the vein and when you get a flash of blood hold still and ask your asst to thread the cannula in place!
    Love the bag especially the shoe compartment

  8. inI am not envious of your time repeating work shift. But it's over and that bag and dress are really cute, right?

  9. On the bright side: You will be even better prepared for race day with a few runs like that under your belt. Oh, and I noticed that we are both running marathons on 12/12!

    The gym bag is cute! But I need mine to be a running backpack so that I can run-commute.

  10. I LOVE that dress-- but it will need to go on sale before I even consider buying it. $218?!! Really?

  11. You really need to get that gym bag. Love the shoe compartment. I'm glad the Halloween shift wasn't too bad.

  12. The dress AND the bag are yummy!!

  13. Love the bag. If it's any consolation, the time you spent working in the ER I spent on a bus with teenagers driving from NYC to WI. That was a trip I didn't need 2 hours (one for the end of DST and one for the change from Eastern to Central time) to.

  14. marathon: i'll let you know how it is if i get it!

    hjlongmo: OMG!! i totally feel your pain. i'm glad you had a decent "race" anyway!! even if unofficial.

    jess: fortunately i missed the actual turnback -- was in with a patient. instead it was like, "wait -- it's 1:15 . . .but wasn't it just 1:30?"

    doctors rheum: oh good! i'm glad to hear it is as nice in person. i think i am going to get it!

    susan: YES i hear you. we are sad!

    lee: i will restrain myself and NOT buy the dress. but just looking at it makes me a little happier.

    jenny: YAY 12/12!! i will think of you as inspiration as i run my 26.2 miles!

    aimee: totally agree. part of the reason i am NOT buying it!

    lu and jennifer lynn: you are all such shopping enablers!

    chelsea: sounds . . painful. i think i'd rather be in the ED!

  15. Actually that's an astonishingly cute gym bag... And I LOVE the shoe compartment! (Usually I just keep a plastic bag in my gym bag and throw my shoes into there when I'm done.)

  16. I LOVE that gym bag! Glad you made it through your long shift :)