Wednesday, October 14, 2009

we have a winner

thank you to all who entered the planner giveaway!
this just in:'s number generator has chosen a winner!

i think the deities of randomness chose well. #31 is meredith b., who wrote:
I've been using Google calendar to try to coordinate my residency interview schedule* + other life committments. But I find writing on paper SO satisfying. Pick me pick me!!!
it sounds like she will make good use of this planner, and i am glad it is going to someone who appreciates paper the way i do (don't worry, meredith -- residency is FULL of paper. although not usually the fun kind.)

meredith b., send me your address and your paper prize will be on its way! enjoy!

so i guess it's fall
or something like it.

i'm sure we'll have other warm-weather flings (NC is fickle that way), but it looks like it's officially time to bring out jackets and sweaters. i'm already way ahead of the game when it comes to delving into fall cuisine! on the other hand, i'm ready and waiting for a good, crisp fall run -- it really hasn't happened for me yet.

after all of the raving about AM workouts yesterday, i have to admit that there are downsides, especially going into the fall and winter. it's so dark in the morning now that i really don't feel comfortable running outside alone, so i've been hitting the treadmill more than i would like. my training plan today calls for an 8 mile tempo run, and i really want to get outside! hopefully the rain will give me a break (or at least keep it down to a light spritz) this afternoon.

also, on the subject of fall . . .
i have enough coats. i have enough coats. I HAVE ENOUGH COATS

yet no matter how many types i write it, it doesn't make the one above (ie, this one) any less enticing. sigh. coat love knows no logic.



workout: 35 minutes elliptical + weights
- 2 x 12 pushups
- 2 x 12 squats with ball, 10 lb weights
- 2 x 10 tricep dips (HARD!)
- 2 x 10 lat pulldowns, 55 lb weight
- 2 x 15 bicycle crunches

doin' time: josh had noted this dish on my dinner planning list and mentioned that he was excited about it. i had no idea he ever looked at the list and thought that was super cute! i made cooking extra-fun with a pumpkin beer accompaniment:

this brew from big boss brewing company in raleigh was excellent! it was full-bodied, smooth, and spicy with a big dose of pumpkin. i highly recommend it! while it didn't really go with the coconut-shrimp soup i made, it didn't matter since i was finished well before we sat down to eat (our typical dinnertime these days is 9 pm . . . thanks to a very busy vascular surgery service at UNC).

this dish was heavy on the lime and light on the liquid -- i think i'll have to add more water to make it more of a soup and less of a stew for tonight! both of us enjoyed it, though. josh especially is happy with pretty much anything asian-inspired.

reading: an article on transcutaneous bilirubin testing for my evidence-based medicine presentation that i have to give next week.


  1. Anonymous8:21 AM

    I made that soup a few weeks ago and found it needed a hefty shake of salt. Did you think so?

  2. Anonymous8:51 AM

    i totally agree that the downside of am workouts is the late sunrise. i tend to do loops around campus until sunup because public safety is always cruising the area.

    and i love the jackets and sweaters fall brings but my favorite thing is that it's sweatshirt weather! although that jacket may make me a convert :)

  3. #1Son is having heel sticks for his bilirubins (and is fine)...come on transcutaneous testing...

  4. I've become obsessed with winter clothing ever since I moved to the Midwest.

    I also dislike running in the dark, but I'm actually more worried about tripping and falling in a poorly lit area than someone creepy bothering me.

  5. Here is my voice of reason: that coat looks ALMOST exactly like what you wore to my wedding! Get a trench coat instead!

    And: that soup looks amazing!

  6. That soup looks wonderful. Cute coat, too.

  7. Soup - yum! That coat...wonderful! can I have it? ;-)

  8. I love how your Martha recipes always look so true to the photograph :)

  9. It was SO FRIGIDLY COLD TODAY!!!! I got out of the gym in my booty spandex shorts and there may have been icicles on my legs!!!

    Your din looks exactly like the photo--so pretty!