Sunday, October 18, 2009


immune dialogue


head T-cell and brain (the lead neuron, i suppose)

again, from

head T-cell: [exasperated] again? really?? what do you DO all day, just bathe in the juices of contagious 3 year olds??

brain: well, essentially, yes. sometimes.

head T-cell: what would you do if we just got tired of cleaning up your viral messes?

brain: i'd be very, very sad. come on, you know i don't do it on purpose! and it's all for the CHILDREN. think of them!

head T-cell: think of your poor, overworked T-cell troops. we never get the time off we truly deserve!

brain: oh, come on. it's been a good seven weeks since the last fight!

head T-cell: [indignant] you know, european T-cells get to rest for MONTHS on end.

brain: sorry. anyway, can you just make this battle quick 'n' dirty?? i'm trying to train for a race, here.

head T-cell: oh, whatever. fine. you won't enjoy it, but i'll rage a storm to kill these buggers like you asked.

brain: thank you. i'll try not to do this again so soon, but . . .

head T-cell: don't TELL me you're going back to same day clinic!

brain: no . . . the ER. in a week.

head T-cell: i hate your job. prepare to suffer.

brain: [resolute] i know, i deserve it. bring on the cytokines . . .

24 hour bug?
whatever happened, it happened hard and it happened fast. because while saturday night i was a complete mess, i feel much better now. i didn't even register a fever today (which was only a slight shame, because with our flu policy in effect it would have bought me a free day off for tomorrow. and i certainly could use it).

thank you ALL for your get-well wishes -- maybe that's why i beat this virus down so quickly! so, was it H1N1? we'll never know! maybe it was just a super mild case. we are seeing TONS of it in our clinic (where i worked earlier in the week), so it's not out of the realm of possibility. i'm hoping that maybe that was it so that maybe i can just NOT BE SICK for a while now.

i'm still going to get the vaccine when they release it to health care workers at duke, though. better safe than beaten down by the flu. this brief viral affair was enough of a reminder that it is pure misery to live under cytokine siege.

laid up
so while i spent the entire day laying around in recovery mode (and i really MEAN this -- i was 90% horizontal), josh spiffed up our apartment. behold, it's our first finished IKEA-furnished room!

new table and lamp, built/installed by josh, furniture-hacker extraordinaire

i don't have a great before picture, but trust me -- this is an enormous improvement from the card table (with ripped vinyl!) that used to be our dining surface. and i especially love the new lighting! our food is bound to taste even better when we can actually see it. i think.

digging for treasure
when i finally moved from my horizontal position, i started on a bit of cleaning. my favorite part is unearthing random treasures! like this list of goals from 2006 (omg, nothing ever changes):

and this card that josh gave me for my 23rd birthday:

okay, he really DID buy me a mop! he claims he thought that i wanted it (and i did, just . . . not for my birthday.) in his defense, he also got me a framed movie poster of magnolia, which still ranks high on my top movie list. and he is cute enough to get away with things like that.

once, anyway.

life recovery
so this week is going to start on a bit of a messy note: no laundry is done, no groceries have been shopped for. i didn't even get to do my long run (this is the #1 reason i hate being sick!). but it looks like monday is just going to happen anyway. hopefully i can catch up before the week is over!


  1. Anonymous9:56 PM

    glad youre feeling better! i'm sure that youll be able to catch up with everything, but thats definitely a reason i hate being sick (that and missing running haha)

  2. JennyN5:37 AM

    Oh, I can assure you that my European T-cells have not had a day off in months. Immunosuppressants + small kid = being sick *a lot*! I just tortured them with running a marathon while hacking up, eh, stuff. Ha, take that T-cells!

  3. claire8:04 AM

    I'm glad that you're feeling better! Your IKEA dining room looks very sleek.

  4. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Glad you are feeling better!
    I love finding old treasures and reminiscing. I found all these old high school pics this week. I felt so old!

  5. Meredith1:12 PM

    Love that Ikea dining set + light! I covet nice furniture that matches. Maybe next year when I move...

  6. Too bad that decimal point wasn't two tenths higher! Hope you feel MUCH better soon. Do you do Vitamin C before an ER month? I've bought some to start taking in December...we'll see if it works!

    I do love the dining set, so nice. I'd love to have something that style, but my table is one that my grandfather made, so you can't really get rid of that!

  7. Glad you feel better. Magnolia is one of your favorite movies? If I'm thinking of the right one, it was very long and very strange...

  8. jenny: oh wow, i that must be awful! the small kid is what does it. good thing you don't see as many of them as i do -- and the selectively the sickest, mucousy-est ones! ughghgh!

    re: iKEA: yay! i'm glad you all approve. i really like it!

    resident Claire: hmm, our cutoff is actually 100.0! but i didn't have a fever sunday, only saturday. thisclose to a required sick day off . . . but not quite.

    chelsea: YES that is the one! love it :)

  9. Well, according to Sue Sylvester of Glee ( ) you can fight H1N1 with WILLPOWER, teehee, so I'm sure you are just amazingly strong-willed. ;D

    Glad you're feeling better!

  10. AH...just saw your response. We always say 100.4 but I suppose that if my temp was 100, I'd call in sick. :-)