Thursday, October 15, 2009


my gung-ho productivity streak
lasted about 2.5 days! oh well. i am going to try to turn this trend around by getting out early this morning for my run (yes, the run that didn't happen yesterday!).

call for help: topic requests?
well, it's unlikely to come to this . . . image from

as i sit here with (mild) writer's block, i figured perhaps i could ask for your (yes, your) help. is there anything anyone would like me to write about? question you've wanted to ask?


. . . bueller?

leave your suggestions below!

PS: I have been terrible about replying to comments lately! it's not like i get 80 per post, so i have no excuse! i do read every single one. in regard to yesterday,

aimee: re: beautiful pink coat --> yes, you are probably right. but what if i got it in brown? or blue?

chelsea: re: running in the dark --> i am afraid of a) stray animal attacking me with no one around to save me; b) abduction/mugging; c) getting hit by a car; d) falling. in that order.


  1. Anonymous9:09 AM

    I've asked for this before, but I'd love it if you'd give some running song recommendations. I know you listen to entire albums, but any specific songs from that album stick out in your mind?

  2. I love the pink coat! i have been wanting a red one...but don't really need it now in miami.

    running in the dark doesn't bother me in the mornings, but does at night

  3. atilla11:30 AM

    love the coat in pink, I'm not sure it will be as special in brown

  4. rebecca12:41 PM

    i agree w/ aimee... looks like your other coat(s). i LIKE the coat but don't LOVE it. think you could find something more special.

  5. Running in the dark is totally dependent on how safe you feel where you live. I ran in the dark all last winter and my eyes adjusted. Still a little scary though.

    That coat almost makes me wish I lived somewhere cold. Almost.

  6. Oh no! Stray animal. I'd hadn't thought of that one, but we have some pretty scary raccoons around here.

    There's only one part of my run that I really dislike when it's dark. It's on a path lined by big trees, and the canopy completely blocks out a view of the sky. For whatever reason there are no street lights there. When I'm running with my little head lamp I feel like I'm in The Blair Witch Project. Creepy.

  7. I love the pink coat. I'm actually in the market for a red belted knee-length trench-type coat myself (I've got a very specific idea of what it shoudl be...can you tell?)...unfortunately I haven't found "the one" yet. ;)

  8. I love all your fashion-related posts (because we are similarly sized and have similar tastes), so I was wondering if you could maybe do a feature on athletic/running apparel as well? You've done running shoes, but I don't think I've seen any running clothes before!

    I also love hearing your college stories, family stories, Josh stories - maybe you could do your running story (like Jess from SeeJessRun) or how you knew you wanted to be a doctor (were you one of those people that from age 10 knew it was going to happen? Or did college change your life path?).

    Maybe some book recommendations? I realize you're time strapped and reading for fun probably doesn't get as much times as you want, but I think you have good taste in books and I need some new reading ideas!

    And lastly (this is obscenely long, I'm sorry) just give us some fun facts - I love reading fun facts on other blogs. Maybe a Sarah fact of day? I mean, how else are we supposed to know about your cheerleading days?!

    Hope this gives you some ideas...and also hope you don't think I'm crazy.

  9. did the martinis work out??

  10. I would still look for something a bit different-- maybe longer. What about this one: