Friday, October 23, 2009

hack sputter cough

chronic lung disease
7 days qualifies me to say 'chronic', right?? fine, i suppose that's a little bit dramatic. but i'm tired of the incessant coughing and sounding like i've spent the entirety of my 29 years chain-smoking one unfiltered cigarette after another! i've been expectorating things that remind me of the CF patients i've taken care of (i know, ew. sorry. but at least it provides me with the perspective to realize how lucky i am to only have to deal with this on rare occasions!). i still feel okay otherwise, so i don't think i have pneumonia or anything crazy like that, but really i just can't wait to be done with all of this.

i'd love to have titers drawn so that i could see if i have now conquered and developed immunity to the H1N1 virus! if so, i could feel confident striding around the ER next month without a mask, daring all of the little febrile toddlers to cough/spit/vomit all over me without missing a beat. instead, i will continue to cower in fear. I HATE THESE RESPIRATORY VIRUSES!!

fashion friday!
on a decidedly more pleasant (and less disgusting) note, here are some recent anthropologie offerings that caught my fancy (thanks to roxy at effortless anthropologie for showcasing these finds!).

first up is the paragon top. this swingy shape isn't always for me, but i feel like this top could be fabulous with skinny jeans.

apparently anthro thought the same thing:

i love the entire outfit.

next, i was intrigued by the starbound dress.

it can be worn alone, or with a long-sleeved top layered underneath. the sparkly belt is a little bit costume-y, but i am still drawn to it. maybe i like costumes.

this whorl-and-twirl skirt drew me in initially because of its overall cuteness, but i got even more excited when i saw that a) it is on sale (still pretty $$$ though) and b) it comes in petite! hmmm.

aimée and rebecca, this is for you
in case anyone was wondering, i resisted and did not purchase the short j. crew coat that i was raving about earlier. josh gently (almost timidly) pointed out that i already have wool coats in red, pink, cream, and orange. so, yeah. i am still on the lookout for a trench (or trench-like water-resistant coat), though!

also, it's friday!
um, YAY! i am off ALL WEEKEND! i plan to make it a very relaxing one, as i don't have too much work to do. one priority will be getting myself on a later schedule, since i have a string of evening shifts in the ER coming up next week! i suppose that will mean sleeping in. certainly a goal that i don't mind striving for!



workout: oops, i skipped again! i ended up getting out of work much later than planned and decided to bag my tempo workout in favor of an AM (outdoor!) run today (which i am about to head out on). i still think i'm doing pretty well for being at least borderline-sick!

doin' time: super-easy penne with cherry tomatoes and olives. with some bright green broccoli on the side! martha's pasta dishes aren't always the most exciting, but they are always easy and never bad.

i followed this up with a kids cone of pumpkin frozen yogurt from TCBY. ahhh, love living in close proximity to that place!

reading: NONE! my presentation was over and done with, lifting a huge weight off of my shoulders. the most academic thing i did upon returning home was watching glee.


  1. Anonymous8:41 AM

    hope this weekend lets you rest and kick this resp virus!

    i love your sense of style/fashion. have you always loved clothes like that? or was it something that slowly happened?

  2. Maybe Anthro needs to hire you as a fashion consultant! Then you'd get some good deals on

  3. Hope you have a great weekend. I really like that top, but anything with a flow-ey waist like that looks like maternity wear on me.

  4. JennyN3:00 PM

    Have you not had the H1N1 vaccine? Will you not get it? Here everyone is getting it, for free even. I got mine this week so now people can cough all over me, I am not scared! ;)

  5. marathon: oh thank you! i have always loved clothes. i don't think i have all that innovative of a sense of fashion, but i think i am getting good at figuring out what risks i can take (and which i am better off leaving on the rack!). i've always loved vogue, elle, marie claire, etc . . . and figuring out how to make the trends work at my price point + body. i hope i'll be fashionable as i get older too!

    susan; oh, i WISH.

    chelsea: i have the same problem. but at the same time, certain shirts make that look work better than others. maybe this one is one of the better ones? hope so, because i just ordered it (!)

    jennyN: i would LOOOVE an H1N1 vaccine -- if only duke would offer it to me! they are still rationing them. i may try to get one at the health dept on monday. and remember, your titers won't rise instantly so don't let anyone cough on you just yet!!!

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