Saturday, October 31, 2009

fall the ($*#&$ back

trick's on me
ohhhh, it's finally here. the day that i've been dreading ever since i saw it on my schedule months ago!

long weekend night shift . . . in the ED . . . on halloween . . . AND IT'S FREAKING DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!

which means that while you get to roll over and enjoy a luscious extra hour of snooze-time, i get to watch the clock on the computer monitor click from 2:59 . . .

back to 2:00.

i think this pumpkin sums up how i feel about this whole situation:

but wait!
yeesh, that was negative. the truth is that it could be much, MUCH worse. case in point:

this shift is 13 hours . . . not 30!
i am bound to see some humorous costumes
i will have a good attending on with me
it will be nice to get the hardest shifts of the month out of the way
candy will be readily available should i need a sugar fix
time goes by quickly in the ED when busy
i've actually been enjoying my shifts!

i forgot that i actually i like the ED. it surprises me, because of my distaste for emergencies and procedures. but i actually find it fun in a variety-pack sort of way, and it has just the right degree of autonomy. it's full of surprises, but for the most part ones that we are equipped to deal with, using pharmaceuticals, brute strength, or a well-scripted phone call to the right person. and the schedule really isn't bad, overall.

last night i had one of the most entertaining experiences of my residency career, involving pseudoseizures. because of privacy laws, i don't want to go into any more detail, but let's just say our patient had not exactly read up on how to put on a convincing spell, which took the pressure off. then, there was a twist halfway through the visit that explained everything. as our attending said, "you can't make this stuff up!" sorry for the vague reference -- wish i could write more! only in the ED . . .

lest i get too ahead of myself, i should point out that i also have most of an entire day to enjoy before my shift starts. unfortunately, i haven't been able to sleep a full 8 hours after arriving home at 2 am -- my body clock just doesn't let me. hopefully, that means i will be able to nap at some point today, because i'm destined to be up until tomorrow AM.

if not, there's always coffee. but my plan for the day is to mostly just relax and enjoy it! after my 9 mile run, that is, which i will head out on soon. hopefully that will put me in just the right fatigued state for a long, strength-rebuilding nap.



workout: 45 minutes elliptical + weights
- 2 x 12 pushups
- 2 x 12 squats with ball, 10 lb weights
- 2 x 12 lat pulldowns, 55 lbs
- 2 x 12 walking double lunges, 8 lb weights
- 2 x 12 seated rows, 40 lbs
- 2 x 11 tricep pushdowns, 15 lbs
- 2 x 12 ball tucks for abs

doin' time: i'm getting a little sassy with martha. meaning: i know her pretty well by now, so i kind of "get" what she's doing with her recipes. therefore, i feel more confident in modifying them to suit my own needs.

this tortilla pie looked good, but rather involved. and impractical, considering that it was going to consumed just one serving at a time:

page from martha's book

so instead i created a single-serve version. i made the filling as specified, but turned it into a topped quesadilla for one. a delicious and satisfying late lunch, without a pile of soggy-tortilla leftovers

mmmm melty cheese . . .

chobani creation: chobani to the rescue at work! mixed with some trail mix, this vanilla sample was a perfect late night snack, munched between patients. the vanilla flavor was quite intense, but it wasn't too sweet. i was impressed with how smooth the texture was -- i HATE lumpy yogurt.

thanks again, chobani!

reading: i wrote up my Research Month proposal for december. yes, i get to spend a month researching, writing, and not really feeling like a doctor, all on my own time. it is going to be quite an odd experience!


  1. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Ugh, that's a pain about Daylight Savings Time.

    I think I prefer the Fage yogurt to the Chobani. Not sure why. Chobani is cheaper though. So I normally buy it.

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  3. So, I spent last evening on the receiving end in my local ER, and I must say, while my care surely was not at Sarah-standards, I commend you for this rotation. ER docs and nurses don't get to take the easy route. Ever.

    I sympathize with you so much more after last night! And will be rooting for you tonight and every shift after!

  4. inmytummy: i like fage too but more for plain eating; somehow i think chobani works better with mix-ins because it's less solid/thick. it actually took me a long time to like greek yogurt in the first place (used to prefer just plain regular low fat yogurt)

    hjlongmo: oh no!!! i hope you are feeling better and that everything is okay! i aim to please as much as possible, but anyone who name-drops ghost world in the duke ED while i am there would get uber-special VIP treatment :)

  5. Anonymous2:36 PM

    wow i totally didn't think about the fact that it means an extra hour of work for some ppl. but maybe in the spring it'll mean an hour less for you? silver lining... :)

    i loved that pumpkin pic btw. i don't know if hysterical laughter was appropriate but that's what i did!

  6. An extra hour of work!??! That stinks like rotten pumpkins!!! It's hard enough counting down the hours, but when time moves backwards!? Yikes!

    You mean the GH people force samples on you? I would take them any day haha. I need to go back and get that pumpkin walnut was out of this WORLD!

  7. As I was falling asleep last night, I was thinking about how it would be terrible to be a night shifter tonight! And how do you chart? "0315 before daylight savings and 0315 after daylight savings?" And what about drugs that are ordered every six/eight/etc hours? Do you have to adjust all of them?? Such questions!

    Vanilla Chobani is my faaaaavorite!

  8. marathonmaiden: i am glad it made you smile!!

    allie: yep, total sample pushers! i wouldn't mind taking home some samples, but i don't necessarily want them right then and there . . . i guess i could just say 'oh i'll take that to go!'. i'll definitely go back to GH when my current loaf of dakota bread is gone . . . i'll try that new strategy

    susan: hmm, med dosages! i don't know -- maybe the nurses gave them a half hour late so that they could split the difference? in the ED less of an issues since most meds are only given once or twice before the patients are out of there! for charting, i wrote things like '01:30: pt improved after treatment at 12:30 -- 2 hours ago second to daylight savings time change'.

  9. I worked last night too-- felt kind of nauseated when the clock turned back. I do get paid for the extra hour, so I guess you win the pity contest ;)