Monday, September 28, 2009

vivacious virginia

vacation thus far
has been a smash hit for josh and me!

we started with an odd assortment of very nerdy (but fun) games at vickie's (yes, aimée: that IS settlers of catan in that second shot. i know you're jealous!).

only at vickie's do you wind up playing games involving civilizations and resources while drinking bud light, flo rida's "low" in the background. oh, it was awesome.

we had dinner at the delicious continental divide, where the tex mex deliciousness nearly did me in:

excellent house margarita, on the rocks with salt (of course):

blue nachos with cheddar and goat cheese (!!), shared 3 ways

and a bowl brimming with bison chili. i killed this.

josh + me in one shot! a rare photo op.

this morning, after refueling with some caffeine (what, gaming in our style is exhausting!), we've already been to ash lawn, which i now understand is just the fancy term for president james monroe's house. our tour guide was extremely proud of monroe's height (6'0" . . . the same as josh, as she pointed out multiple times), which was apparently an anomaly in those days. apparently he had to duck under his own ceiling molding!

they wouldn't allow photos in the house, but i caught this cute little teenaged cow outside:

after ash lawn, it was my turn to pick a destination, so we also hit my favorite destination in charlottesville (of note, this has changed recently, since i don't care as much about arch's now since we have LoYo!): rock, paper, scissors. yes, it's a stationery store!! i'll share what i bought as soon as i can come up with an occasion to use them!

now we're in richmond, enjoying some chill time at our hotel (which is pretty nice, by the way: GO priceline!). only T-4 hours until GAGA time!

don't worry, i will not be wearing this:

but i will admit that i thought about it.


  1. Anonymous4:49 PM

    no that outfit is PERFECT. enjoy the show!

    sounds like your vaca is going great so far :)

  2. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Umm, you ABSOLUTELY need to wear that outfit.

  3. atilla10:11 PM

    that is the best picture maybe now that u've been featured in the running mag you can apply for a job with marvell comics as a superhero

  4. Hahahaha I love your Gaga outfit! Hope the concert is a blast!!

  5. I don't even know what a teenage cow would be...

    Love those boots...such a good look. :) Have a rockin' time at the concert!

  6. In my initial glance at your post title, I thought I was about to read about your vivacious vagina. I'm glad I was wrong.

  7. Ha! So funny to see Settlers of Catan on your blog! My brother has that game and we've played several times. I hated it at first and now am hooked!

  8. Ahh Continental Divide is the best! I live in Charlottesville, and can't get enough of that place!

    Still haven't been to Ash Lawn though...