Thursday, August 27, 2009

when figs fly

hydration update
no, i haven't yet decided on a drinking vessel. and while the CEO of kor was nice enough to email me back (at midnight!), he didn't bite on my offer to show his bottle off on this site if he'd send me one to sample. oh well. the good news is that there IS a 500ml bottle in the works! it's not coming out until next year, but i so want a kor mini.

breathtaking! from the kor blog

i'm glad to have inspired at least one commenter to replace their disposable plastic bottles with a refillable one! it's so much better for the environment, cheaper in the long run, convenient, and -- as i hope i showed -- it can be a fun way to express your personal style. i admit that occasionally i will drink bottled water in a pinch, but the commenter who pointed out the production and shipping costs for bottled water is right -- it's not a very environmentally conscious thing to do, even without the bottle waste.

okay, i'll climb down from my pedastal now. and i will report back on which container i select!

long week
i pumped myself up for this week in this post. so far, i'm making it through and remaining as positive as possible -- but i have to say i've been hanging on for dear life. because of the frequent turnover, untrustworthy preemies, and the constant deliveries and the fact that YOU JUST NEVER KNOW what a baby is going to look like when he/she makes her debut, i find this rotation to be the most stressful one that we have.

add that to the schedule -- no call, but it can feel relentless, as i'm on my 11th day straight of work -- and an extremely busy husband, and i don't have to wonder why my emotions are riding high and my skin is breaking out like never before. i've tried to stay in the present as much as possible, but yesterday afternoon after our third meconium delivery i decided that a massage is in order this weekend and i booked one for saturday. it will be a celebration of survival in the community hospital NICU, as well as the culmination of 3 months straight of pretty hard rotations (night float, then wards, and then clinic chief/NICU).

i have a MUCH better life up ahead over the next few months that i'll talk about in a later post! for now, it's off to the gym -- i want to fit in a run before work because i have a FOOD INC date with allie tonight!

i just had to share . . .
my first experience with fresh figs! these were calimyrna figs, obtained at whole foods this weekend (local jessica, i saw that you found some too!). they became nice and soft, and some of them even began to drip an amber syrupy substance which tasted like pure sugar! there really is something feminine and fantastic about figs.

as part of this complete breakfast!


8.26.09. my, time is flying. is it really almost september!?

workout: none. the hospitalist who was scheduled to relieve me overslept his alarm and didn't get there until 6:15. he apologized profusely for obliterating my workout time and offered to let me come in 30 minutes late this AM. i am taking him up on this and heading out for a run right now!

doin' time: a solitary dinner for 1. josh stayed late at work because someone had the nerve to need some sort of vascular operation. @*$&(*&! no, actually, i've grown pretty calm and okay with this when it happens sometimes. i even carried out my plan of cooking and made myself a fresh, seasonal martha dinner for one:

first, a little something to chill me out a little (trust me, i needed it). this brew tasted like coffee to me!

and then, a healthy summer dinner. my favorite parts were the grilled portobellos and the feta. although the supersimple soup was also quite nice! once again, the immersion blender proved its worth as the best appliance in this kitchen. LOVE IT.

reading: 35 minutes about rickets. i really got into this one, which makes sense given my future career directions.


  1. Anonymous6:58 AM

    aren't figs great?
    I loooove them. I sort of think they are kind of sexy food...

  2. They are a sexy food - I think I'm becoming someone that has a fig fetish :) Sarah, I've been enjoying those exact figs (from WF) this week. Glad you discovered them too!

  3. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Re: Sigg bottles and BPA, see and While older Sigg bottle liners do contain trace amounts of BPA, they've shown 0% leaching in tests, so they're likely safe to use.

  4. Kirsten8:01 AM

    Immersion blender! What brand is it? Where did you get it? I'm in the market for one, but I don't know where to start...

  5. Anonymous8:35 AM

    You are seeing Food Inc? I could not find a location near the Triangle!?!?! Where or where is it?

    And--I have only had 1 fig in my life and it was glorious! You reminded me to eat them more often.

  6. Where did u go see food inc??? I would love to meet up again when thingas wind down a bit.

  7. My brother ONLY drinks bottled water, which he started doing when he came home from his first deployment to Iraq...I don't know if its a result of only drinking bottled water over there, but it is one of the quirks he came back with. (He also drinks GALLONS of it per day. He should buy stock in Aquafina.)

    Those water bottles are so cute. :) Enjoy Food Inc, I've been trying to find it around me!

  8. Anonymous11:55 AM

    The figs look pretty - I want to see if I can find them this weekend. Do you carry a water bottle around with you on the wards? I am trying to find a reasonable size/easily carried one...I have a generic 750ml aluminum one right now but it's quite bulky.

  9. atilla6:56 PM

    I love figs and don't buy the feminine designation. They go great with honey and yogurt, make great tarts, aaron uses them on pizza with strong cheese and no sauce and I love them on salads where they give a refreshing crispness and sweetness. Fig newtons could easily be the perfect cookie

  10. I've never had fresh figs. They look so pretty!

  11. that bottle is SO pretty, but a little out of my price range. i'm really angry about my SIGG. i have a gaiam bottle i bought from target and it says it's BPA free, but i guess now you can't be so sure. i might break down & buy a nalgene, just because the price is right.

    so glad i found your blog! another orla loving friend :)

  12. Figs! I just bought some today and have been itching to try them. I love reading your work related posts so much. I'm a pediatric RN in Boston and can relate to many of your tales.