Tuesday, August 11, 2009

giveaway winner + dirty plates

and the winner is . . .

commenter #20, otherwise known as diana! i've never met her, but from her site i can tell that she is a williams grad (go ephs!), math researcher (woah), and fast runner (very). i can just imagine these books being filled with running data and all the fancy symbols and characters that only math people understand.

congratulations, diana! as soon as i get an address, these beauties will be on their way. thank you all for entering the giveaway -- that was fun! i will plan for some more in the future.

the zen of washing dishes
zen gurus just love to talk about washing dishes. it's one of those tasks that people dread, but those who are into mindflness practices will gleefully point out that it can actually be quite a calming, meditative act in itself, as well as an exercise in staying present in any given moment, from the pivotal to the mundane.

"wash the dishes when you are washing the dishes," they say.

and that sounds great. in fact, i agree with them. except that there are limits, at least for me. and mine have been reached because i am trying to cook with martha every night and despite numerous phone calls to our apartment office, NO ONE SEEMS TO WANT TO FIX OUR FREAKING DISHWASHER.

and you know what? it wastes a lot of water and eats up amazing chunks of time to wash all of your dishes by hand. not to mention the fact that it's not exactly the season for standing with your arms yay-deep in hot suds. i suppose that if i can stay present and calm while beads of sweat meander down my back and the minutes tick by, i can pretty much do anything.

maybe my apartment's maintenance people read this blog and know i need this challenge. that must be it. well, i'm off to cleanse my cares away with some foam-pump dawn and some dish towels.



workout: 5 miles outside, 8:42/mi average pace. it was already hot and sweaty when i started!

doin' time: oh, swoon -- josh and i luuuuuuuved this martha creation! basically, these were quesadillas inspired by the cuban sandwich (pork, ham, swiss cheese, mustard, pickles) using leftover pork tenderloin from last night. served with jicama slaw, which was impressively refreshing and sweet.

reading: an article in the latest peds in review on foot issues in children & adolescents -- although i could not deal with all of the descriptions of varus this and internally rotated that. my spacially-challenged brain needed better (ie, dumb-down) descriptions and more pictures!


  1. Anonymous8:10 AM

    i don't know about washing dishes per se but there is something calming about repetitive tasks. that said, i would be going CRAZY if my dishwasher was broken! hope that gets fixed asap.

  2. Wow, gosh, thanks! I've never won a contest before; this is so exciting. (So sorry I didn't link to the contest, but I hadn't blogged anything in two years until yesterday!) I promise to fill the notebooks with math, and to try my best to understand what I have written! My address is:

    Diana Davis
    Brown University
    Math Department, Box 1917
    Providence, RI 02912

  3. Oh no! Hope your dishwasher gets fixed soon!

  4. The Martha dinner looks amazing. What kind of tortillas are those?

  5. jess: they are whole foods brand (365) whole wheat tortillas. nutritionally decent, with 130 calories, 4 grams protein, and 3 grams fiber (no i don't have that memorized -- i just happen to be right next to the fridge :) ) they grill up quite nicely!

  6. diana: package will be on its way soon!! i'm excited to send it!

  7. atilla9:24 PM

    don't know much about zen but I like washing dishes