Wednesday, July 15, 2009

rainbows and ponies

i won't go into details about the woeful tales accompanying last night's call night. that would probably qualify as complaining, first of all, and i have no desire to preserve those memories in this permanent record, anyway.

so i will just focus on the good:

my intern is awesome, for one. she worked tirelessly last night and never got frustrated or negative (wish i could say the same for myself). i am so lucky to have her on my team.

my attending is great, too. she is smart and wonderful to work with.

co-resident a. is the best ever for jumping my dead car in the parking lot. she will be rewarded appropriately . . .

it may have been a tough day but hey -- now i can really feel like i've EARNED friday's massage!

i got through leading a post-call morning report, and it wasn't as terrible as it could have been.

i will sleep well tonight -- no doubt.

and finally, orla awaits me in my mailbox tomorrow! something fun to look forward to. GOOD NIGHT!


  1. Anonymous9:43 PM

    oh no! i hope nothing tooooo bad happened! but good for you for focusing on the good. you totally have earned a massage and a good nights sleep!

  2. atilla9:47 PM

    the car battery...what could be worse at the end of a call night?

  3. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Happy thoughts, happy thoughts!

  4. I had a moment on my last call when a mom refused to let us replace her child's IV (who had come in b/c of dehydration!) and then proceeded to rant about how we all had attitudes...all while I'm saying "Yes, Ma'am" and "I understand." I just had to turn around and walk out...then proceeded to breakdown. Guess it had to happen at some point! Hope you enjoy your massage AND the new Ora! :-)

  5. All that, and you have time to make a colorful post! I hope you are sound asleep as I type this!

  6. Is an all-female peds team unusual?
    L, da