Thursday, July 09, 2009

buenas tardes: a late post

i had today off, and it couldn't have come at a better time. even though i still have more than 3 weeks (including 6 call nights) left of this ward senior rotation, my energy levels were already taking a downward turn. that's not a complaint, by the way -- just an objective observation.

for example, an energized and well-rested person probably wouldn't have immediately flopped face-down on the couch after a day of work (well, it was an 11-hour day, but still just 1 day), falling asleep on her husband (what? it's so comfortable!) at 6 pm. yet i thought it was the best possible way to start my wednesday evening.

it's all in the details
i haven't done anything crazy-exciting with my day off, but i've enjoyed it nonetheless. after sleeping 8.5 hours, i had a moderately productive morning which included cycling and yoga. overall, i've gotten through a few of the items on my to-do list, such as a car appointment for my battery-draining VW and dental/vision claim forms. boring, but essential, and i always feel better when i don't have 8 zillion things hanging over my head! which brings me to a question: how do you manage all the loose ends in your life?

my method is okay, but not perfect. sometimes i feel like i have reminders for various things scattered all over the place, which is not ideal. here are the various components to my life-management system

planner: shown above. i know i've posted about how i tend to use my planner both to keep track of day-by-day commitments and also to track my plans for workouts, cooking, and other errands that i'd like to run over the course of a given week. if i don't get something done (ie: i'm just not feelin' the car inspection today), then i just move the item onto next week's list. you don't want to know how many times i sometimes have to rewrite 'vacuum' or 'clean bathroom'! i love using paper because . . . well, i just love it. plus, it looks pretty, never malfunctions, and i can carry it with me everywhere.

file folders: my other non-digital 'list' is a set of file folders on my desk in an upright holder. one contains bills to pay, another documents to file (ie, get them off of my desk when i am in cleaning mode), and another of things to do (gift certificates to use, travel info to use for booking, or clinic notes that need to be typed up). when i have a full day off like today, i take the time to go through these, paying anything that needs to be paid and working on some of the other things. however, the downside is that when i don't have lots of time, i tend to ignore these files. so far i haven't had any terrible disasters result from their neglect, but it could happen.

email: i tend to use my email inboxes as reminders to do things. the bad part about this is that i have 3 of them! one for personal things (containing right now several people i just want to email back so i can plan to hang out with them!), one for work, and another for this blog (unsurprisingly that one doesn't get quite as much action). i am good about deleting/archiving anything that i don't plan on following up on, so that's good, but the in-boxes can still get pretty full, which renders them less useful. oh well.

so, if you're willing, share with me your life-management strategies! are you a luddite who eschews microchips and hearts her filofax, or an iPhone/blackberry addict? part of me sort of wants to join the digital revolution, but i just don't think i could -- or necessarily want to --break off my relationship with stationery. we are too happy together.



workout: i had a great run yesterday AM! i was really happy with my interval paces, and the decreasing-length intervals made it fun. 5 miles total, average 8:15/mi. here is the breakdown:

warmup: 0.5 miles, ave 8:41/mi pace
1600m: 7:22/mi pace followed by 400m jog @ 9:25/mi
1200m: 7:29/mi pace followed by 400m jog @ 10:03/mi
800m: 7:30/mi pace followed by 400m jog @ 10:02/mi
600m: 7:45/mi pace (got slowed by hill + a car crossing the street!) then 400m @ 9:48/mi
400m: 7:23/mi pace
cooldown: 0.6 mi, ave 8:53/mi pace

doin' time with gliding calm
i've always wanted to make this famous baked tofu recipe by gliding calm, but it never happened . . . until today! armed with a half-container of tofu wasting away in the fridge + plenty of time to make a good lunch, i took the plunge.
i was thrilled with the outcome! like miss gc, i just kind of dumped 'some' of each ingredient onto some tofu, rubbed it around, and threw it in the oven. very easy -- no muss, no fuss. 30 minutes later i had crispy, flavorful baked tofu with an asian flair. it was an awesome lunch (the highlight of my day thus far!) and i will definitely be doing this again!

complaint report: still going strong. i had the urge to complain quite a bit while in clinic, but i only had one major bitch session with a colleague, which i immediately retracted while explaining my anti-complaining mission.


  1. Maybe you've mentioned this before, but what kind of planner do you use? I like how it has space on the right page to write down details!

  2. Anonymous6:11 PM

    my planner = my life. it's a monthly/weekly one so i have both a calendar page for long term stuff and then weekly pages for more details. and i love paper too! i just simply don't trust technology *that* much. i'm trying to allow myself to give in to google-calendar so right now i have both my planner and google saying the same thing! haha

  3. atilla7:16 PM

    my major organizing technique is clearing my office desk and completing everything every day. My home desk is another story

  4. Can you PLEASE tell all physicians to write like you?? My life would be so much easier.

    I don't have too much of an organization strategy, other than I have a binder with all my financial info in it. Bank statements, credit card statements, loan statements, etc. I set up all my loans/credit cards for automatic debit from my checking account, so that takes away most of the troubles there. I usually just have lists of things to do on a piece of paper, when I sit down to make a list. I tried having one online, but it didn't have the same feeling when I crossed things off!

  5. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Yay Sarah!! Thanks for the shout out!! I added this post to my Tofu page!!! And i am so so glad you liked it!!!!

  6. LOVE the planner shot. Organization...ahhhh.

    I am all over the Google apps these days - Tasks, Calendar, Gmail. They keep me super organized. And the iPhone helps bring them with me everywhere!!

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