Sunday, June 21, 2009

back to mornings!

still clean
it is so much more pleasant to wake up in a freshly groomed and organized apartment! okay, i'm sure the excitement of not having to wade through piles of paperwork to see the surface of my desk is going to wear off soon enough, but for now i'm still basking in its long lost glow. today is a work day, but i feel okay with that. i'm looking forward to getting back into a more normal routine of running, cooking . . . and AM posting. i really missed this element of my mornings last week!

back to a normal: plans for the day
work: 7 am - 5 pm
gym for a quick XT session
back to doin' time! i miss cooking.
reading, and planning some teaching for monday
sleep: in bed by 10 pm is my goal, and earlier would be a bonus.

off to start the day!



workout: i just hopped on the treadmill (it was over 95 out) and did what i felt like! i started at 9:13/mi (0.5% incline) and increased the pace every song until i hit 8:19/mi, then gradually went back down. i was surprised to see that 5.6 miles had passed me by at the end of what felt like an easy run.

clean or not? you decide! after all of that discussion about clean eating in yesterday's post, it's kind of funny that i opted for chipotle for dinner! i had expected to eat at the party i attended, but i arrived on the late side and most of the catered food was gone. while my fridge is stocked, most of the 'main course' items are planned for later in the week, and i didn't really feel like cooking for just myself. so, burrito bol it was!
chicken burrito bol with guac, salsa, pinto beans, rice, and a bit of cheese. accompanied by yellow pepper strips for crunch and split in half because this mama was quite large. the bonus: instant packed lunch for today!