Tuesday, June 16, 2009

so much for boot camp

i may have to call this slacker week

exhibit A:
this may look lazy, but it's actually a really challenging ab move. or not.

exhibit B:
doin' time
what? i bet even martha enjoys her take-out every once in a while!

exhibit C:
well, it may not exactly be related to pediatrics, but there are many examples of plastic surgery in US weekly that can be examined for their varying degrees of quality. plus, i need to keep up with miley cyrus' latest antics so that i can talk to the tweens in my primary care clinic.

i don't know what is UP with me this week! i haven't had a real, true day off for over 3 weeks -- that may be part of the problem. also, it's gloomy outside. so, guess who still has not bought any groceries? slack bequeaths slack, i suppose. but i think i am going to give into my impulses and just chill for the week. i'll run when i want to and cook when i feel like it, letting the superego rest for a bit. hopefully a day off on saturday will put id back in its place!



workout: in all seriousness, josh and i really did have a good run together yesterday -- he ran the first 4 miles with me, motivating me along. today is another story!

first 3.13 miles: average 8:37/mi
next 0.87 miles: average 9:01/mi
mile 5: 8:49/mi
mile 6: 8:12/mi

the run was not easy but i was happy with my finishing split! i think that may be it for speedwork this week, though. i just need a little break from my training plan. i don't even know what i'm training for, anyway!


  1. atilla5:54 AM

    bravo for getting josh to exercise

  2. Jenny N6:06 AM

    Enjoy the rest week. Weeks like that is what will keep you motivated when it really counts. I have had many slacker weeks and after a few days my legs are itching to run again. Enjoy!

    PS Mmm pizza looks good.

  3. How fun that you and Josh are running together! The pizza looks so good!

  4. Nice run! I think we all need some time off from our routine every now and then...if you're go-go-go all the time, it can really wear you down! Especially if you're spending every other night at the hospital. I hope you enjoy a little time off!

  5. Screw Martha, that pizza looks amazing.