Wednesday, June 03, 2009


strong feelings
i have decided that i have a love/hate relationship with night float.

i love
getting through a ward month without 30-hour shifts
having free mornings and post-call days to get other things done
feeling (mostly) awake when i'm at work on call

i hate
the non-rhythmic sleep schedule
the feeling of dread during a pre-call day (as in, right now, when i have to start work in 70 minutes)
seeing josh every other night or less!

this got me thinking about other things i have a love/hate relationship with. i came up with:

jillian michaels!
feeling like a badass after finishing her workouts
the results
how mean she is
that she now thinks she is an endocrinologist

j. crew
many of their outfits, including this skirt
great prices during sales
non-returnable sale items
often ill-fitting and not as luxe-looking in real life

grey's anatomy
eye candy fluff
completely ridiculous
completely ridiculous

trashy radio
bob and the showgram (what? i can't help it.)
black-eyed peas and lady gaga
miley cyrus and nickelback

and now it's off to work!



workout: 40 minutes stationary cycling (intervals, levels 3 - 5) + 30-day shred, level 1. i don't care what number level it is, it was still hard.

doin' time: yum! buttermilk chicken tenders + carrot-cumin slaw. i used chicken breast tenders instead of wings/legs/thighs and whole wheat breadcrumbs instead of the white, and it still came out tasting delicious -- almost like fried chicken, but without the grease factor.
served with the rest of the bella rosé

reading: 15 PREP questions while lying in bed.

flossing: NO! oops.


  1. Love this post! Too true about Jillian...I'm a member of a message board and a poster was saying they needed a referral to an endocrinologist because of 'what Jillian says' despite frequent lab tests at their GP's being normal!

  2. Cute post with the love/hate.

    I've always thought that singers like Miley Cyrus are so bad that they're good. Like the show The bad, yet so so good.

  3. hee hee great post. man, nickelback's on my hate list too. and ditto on jcrew--if only their stuff looked as good in person...

  4. Alaina8:42 PM

    Thanks for the running shout-out the other day Sarah. I can't believe you thought I was running fast when I felt like I was slugging along (and started walking shortly thereafter). I'm glad you think that I could keep up with you on a run- but I've seen your splits and I'm not so sure. give me a call if you want a warm up run before some sprints though!

  5. atilla12:05 AM

    love your hate

  6. haha - I am laughing at your Jillian comment. I guess I never thought about what her qualifications were. What do you think about her new book though? Have you read it or listened to her talk about it?

  7. hangry: i haven't read it, but what i have read ABOUT it makes me cringe. however, now i kind of want to read it so that i can be more informed about others are reading (and may be thinking when they bring their kids to me as their endocrinologist in a few years!!)

  8. Well if you read it, share your informed views!