Friday, June 05, 2009

900 posts

. . . and all i have to show for myself is free snacks, sporadic and tiny BlogHer royalty checks in the mail, and a random but interesting record of my life to look back on (and for my future children to snicker at. STOP LAUGHING, future children). plus a bunch of awesome, loyal, wonderful readers whose comments make my day. actually, that's a pretty good haul for 900 posts. i suppose i'll keep on keepin' on.

love, death, and babies
so i have concluded that colin malloy of the decemberists is obsessed with these three topics. for example, the disturbing (yet catchy!) "the rake's song" encompasses all three! a little ditty about infanticide . . . just the thing to have in one's head on a call night. or not.
they sort of look like they decided to quit their phD program in theoretical physics to instead create a band, don't they? picture from sound on the sound

the concert last night was absolutely amazing! they played their newest album the hazards of love in its entirety, and it was quite the nerd-rock opera. for some amazing pictures, check out this local music blog. their sound was polished and their spirit contagious. despite being really tired going into it, i was riveted and energized.

it made me want to seek out more live music, and more music in general. but first, some catchup sleep. another night of call looms ahead!


  1. WOW 900 posts!?!? thats a lot! congrats :)

  2. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Happy 900 posts! I've never heard the decemberists, I am going to youtube them :)

  3. 900?? I just barely broke 100! I hope you stick around for 1,000 and beyond!

  4. atilla9:30 PM

    900 wow!

  5. Looking forward to the big 1K in September.
    L, da

  6. Nice! Congratulations on 900 posts.