Tuesday, June 02, 2009

5, 7, 5

a night float haiku

day and night are one

circadian confusion

just 2 weeks to go!



workout: a slightly better set of intervals than last time, though it was still hotter than i would have liked at 10 AM.
1 mi warmup: 9:13/mi
800m @ 7:32/mi, 400m recovery @ 9:31/mi
800m @ 7:52/mi, 400m recovery @ 10:33/mi
800m @ 7:59/mi, 400m recovery @ 10:32/mi
800m @ 7:49/mi, 400m recovery @ 10:54/mi
800m @ 7:54/mi, 400m recovery @ 10:19/mi
1.5 mi cooldown @ 9:47/mi

reading: 2 index of suspicion cases from an old peds in review. i had never heard of ROHHAD before!

flossing: yes, i'm still doing it! i actually flossed pre-call yesterday so as not to risk missing it overnight. hardcore dedication there.

shout-out: to faithful commenter atilla. happy birthday!


  1. Nice work on the intervals! I would imagine it's tiring working your schedule, but at least you can squeeze in some good workouts.

  2. Anonymous7:04 AM

    Sweet job on the intervals. Way to be speedy. @ more weeks, you can do it.

  3. A haiku of appreciation:

    Sarah, your blog rocks!
    I love reading it daily.
    Keep up the good posts!

    L, da