Saturday, May 02, 2009


not wanting to break my nearly 11-month streak of faithful daily blogging, i know i need to post something. but oddly, my heart just isn't in the game tonight!

a summary

1. our little mini-trip to high point was fun.

2. our hotel was a little old but super-convenient.

3. we had a fun dinner out in which i ate mindfully

4. the race start was just outside our hotel window

5. i greatly enjoyed just rolling out of bed to the starting line

6. but sadly there was no time to get coffee.

7. i ran the caffeine-less race in my new running skirt.

8. i got a bad side stitch cramp at mile 6

9. i got over it and finished in 1:52:02, an 8:33/mi pace. just 20 seconds faster than charlottesville 2 weeks ago.

10. then i went to get my hair straightened and it took 5 hours. still worth it.

josh is working tomorrow so i am going to get off the 'net and spend my remaining hours with him. GOOD NIGHT! pictures (and maybe video?) forthcoming.


  1. Congrats on the race! Pretty impressive for someone who was so injured b4...

  2. great job on the race!!! thats a great time :)