Wednesday, May 06, 2009

by the numbers

# of nasal washings performed for swine flu testing (in past 3 days): 21

# of children who acted like they might die from nasal wash trauma: 21

# of minutes i had to eat lunch today: -10

highest reported fever: 104.4

pairs of siblings seen: 3

# of mosquito bites brought in because they 'might turn into MRSA': 1

# of glasses of nice rioja required to make it alllllllll better: 1


  1. # of fabulous birthday parties you attended: 1
    Thanks for "crashing" tonight - it was great fun having you. :)

  2. mosquito bites and MRSA...thats a new one! sounds like a rough day..

  3. you might find it more helpful to give the kids the rioja.

  4. JennyN4:03 AM

    Yeah we have had the nasal wash trauma with Ingrid too. Babies HATE that! She looks at me like "why are you trying to kill me?" after the frantic snorting has subsided.

  5. Though short, this is flat out one of your funniest posts to date! A, I also enjoyed your comment :)
    L, da