Monday, April 06, 2009

shhhh . . .

don't tell anyone, but i don't have anything on my schedule for today! i think i scored a stealth 3-day weekend. clearly, this rotation is the kindest that my residency will ever get. while i felt a little guilty about this at first, i've decided to just embrace this awesome opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation. to assuage these sorts of feelings in others, i think they should just be straightforward and rename the rotation. some suggestions:

live your life [ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah . . . instead of chasin' that paper]

a well-deserved rest block

sleep deprivation reversal month

communi-cation (community + vacation . . . get it?)

seriously, i am getting something out of the clinics, experiences, and assignments that are scheduled, but i think i'm getting even more out of the chance to just chill for a bit. and before anyone starts thinking that our residency program is a joke and so therefore i will make a REALLY BAD AND DANGEROUS DOCTOR someday, please remember that i spent several months this year on q4 call working 80 hour weeks, and i'm headed for that fate again come june. also, i have to work in the full-term nursery this upcoming weekend, so it's not ALL sunshine and roses. it's just a bit of a roller-coaster, and right now, i'm enjoying the ride. whee!

except i kind of have some work to catch up on today. i don't mind this at all, however. it's a great feeling knowing that if i buckle down and focus on projects today (at home, at my own pace), i'll be able to be done with a lot of the month's various projects.

today's agenda
☑ clean up kitchen (what, i need a clean workspace!)
☑ pay bills
☑ send out work-related emails (3)
☑ make ART appointment for this week
☑ spend the AM working on clinic presentation for wednesday
☑ yoga
☑ work on resident community challenge
☑ run with A & K (two running friends that for some reason i have not run with yet!)

new gear!
after discovering yesterday that my current brooks glycerin 5s had 481 miles on them, i headed to the neighborhood running store for some replacements. i've been in brooks glycerins for years now, and figured it was time for a change given that my injury track record is less than stellar. as usual, i don't think they took me seriously at the running store -- how come they NEVER ask me things like how much i run, what kind of terrain i run on, or what problems i have had?

i always psych myself up, thinking that this time i'll get a good salesperson who will not only suggest the perfect shoe for me, but also tell me about great running routes, invite me to join his/her running club, and become my new best friend and running confidante. i think i need to adjust my expectations.

the only feedback i did get from my fleet feet representative was that (as i have been told previously) i am a neutral runner with no obvious issues (they did watch me run down a sidewalk) and that the brooks glycerins were a great choice for me, but there were other options as well. in addition, he felt that my shoes may have been a size too big. oops.

so, in the end, i ended up with a pair of asics gel landreth 5s, and i think that unless i fall in love with these, my next pair will be the brooks glycerin 7s. in a size 6, rather than 6.5.

new and white (but already sporting my polar foot pod!)

awesome (but $$$) balega running socks



workout: 30-day shred (level 2) + 20 minutes of hip opening yoga
weekly totals from 3.30 - 4.4:
- running: x 3, total of 19 miles
- elliptical: x 2, total of 55 minutes
- cycling: x 2, one spin class and 20 minute session
- shred: x 2, level 2
- weights: x 1, 25 minutes (upper & lower)
- yoga: x 4 (!!)
i feel so well-rounded.

doin' time: last night i made martha's thai-style steak salad. this is one of those recipes i probably wouldn't have selected had it not been for my cook-through project, but that i really enjoyed! very refreshing, easy, and filling.

every time i eat steak (which is not very often), i imagine my hemoglobin levels bumping a few points and providing me with superpowered energy, even though i am not anemic to start with.
salad contained romaine, mint, carrots, slices of rib-eye steak, peanuts, and sprouts; accompanied by some black sesame rice crackers

reading: 1-2 hours spent working with group on quality improvement project -- i think this definitely counts.

flossing: yes.


  1. Glad you get a little bit of a break to relax and recharge before those 80 hour weeks start up again...I can only imagine what those would be like.

    I hope your new shoes work out for you! $10 for socks?? You'll have to let us know what kind of special powers they have. My socks are the 10/$5 from Costco...haha.

  2. Anonymous12:08 PM

    I can't wait to hear how you like the asics. I love my brooks, but have been tempted to branch out and try either asics or mizuno.

    Enjoy a nice quiet day.

  3. as for being taken seriously and whatnot, the reason that maybe you aren't given as much attention is because you have the best feet in the world. lol.

    seriously, though, you're neutral, so you have no problems and don't need to worry about this or that.

  4. YAY enjoy your break :)

    looove the shoes, so pretty!

  5. I wore Asics for a long time and loved them until they started screwing up my model. Hope yours work out well.

  6. atilla9:15 PM

    shoes and dinner look gr8