Sunday, April 19, 2009

charlottesville, continued: a visual summary

i'm too tired to write an involved post tonight, but there were some great photo moments captured on this trip!

beer tasting at devil's backbone. i was sad that there was no official tour, but i did glimpse some brewing equipment that looked pretty legit. most importantly, there was a tasting! we enjoyed our selections outside. my favorite was the ale of fergus. their description:

"Scottish-style Brown Ale. Deep copper color, medium-bodied, with a fruity finish coming from the traditional English ale used. This beer is based off traditional English winter beers which have a higher alcoholic content than normal beer but still remain very drinkable. 6.7% AVB, 26 IBUs."

apparently, IBUs is a unit of bitterness, and 26 is quite low on the scale. see, i did learn something!

because we are lushes, we went straight from the brewery to . . . a vineyard! vickie recommended king family for its scenery, and it did not disappoint.

we enjoyed a tasting (although i think i scared our server by taking this pic mid-pour)

we all really liked their merlot and meritage, so we bought a bottle to sip on the lawn . . .

these were some seriously idyllic surroundings.

we finished off our night at c & o, a lovely restaurant on the downtown mall. we always eat SO well in cville!

apparently vickie enjoys the local restaurant scene so much that this is what her fridge looks like:

after approximately 10 hours of sleep (and concurrent ethanol metabolism), we decided to head out on a cleansing hike on the monticello trail.
(one of the many things i love about vickie is that we are essentially the same height, as illustrated)

paying homage to TJ, who according to this sign was 'the greatest advocate of human liberty.'
(my eyes are closed not out of disrespect, but for lack of sunglasses.)

josh & me, ambling through the countryside

and finally, eating some soup that happened to match my outfit perfectly at my sister's on the way home. yum!

i'd write more but the bed is calling me quite insistently. good night!


  1. atilla10:32 PM

    as I recall beverly and I had our "last meal" before rachel was born at the c&o

  2. Anonymous1:21 AM

    Looks like an amazing trip! Love the shirt and soup combo!

  3. Yeah, and if you spilled any on yourself, no one would notice :-)
    Great pix!!!!
    L, da

  4. Those are gorgeous pictures. What a fun way to recover from a (non)race!

  5. it was such a great weekend - and i dont even have to post a "move to charlottesville" advertisement for aimee!!

  6. Matt will love that beer shot :)

    Looks gorgeous!