Monday, February 23, 2009

yet another mixed bag

schedule shift!
today marks the beginning of a month of scattered emergency department shifts and non-circadian rhythms. the hours are actually not bad at all -- i think i will only average 40-50/week! but i think all the mixed-up shifts will still be a challenge. the powers-that-be in residency did their best to make things as physiologic as possible (ie, at least keeping things consistent within each week), but i'm not sure being up and active at 3 am is ever going to be pleasant.

i actually have no shifts today, though -- just a 1 pm clinic! sweet.

weighty stuff
kath had an interesting post on intuitive eating yesterday (by the way, if you are wondering why i mention her so much, it's because she's awesome). charlotte at the great fitness experiment wrote about the stigma of being fat in today's society, deeming 'XXL' the new scarlet letter. at the end of her post, she wishes us a happy eating disorders awareness week.

so i thought it would be fitting to announce my frustration about the fact that once again, training for a marathon has had the opposite effect from what one might expect -- a completely uninvited, unwelcomed 4-5 lbs. my clothes still fit, but i don't like how they fit. now, i could throw up my hands in bewilderment, but i know exactly why it happens every time:

i get really hungry, and then i eat whatever i want.


interestingly, despite perfectionistic tendencies in other areas, i'm pretty balanced about these things. apart from a brief flirtation with some disordered habits in college, i've always had health and energy as my highest priorities. most of the time, i don't think very much about weight/body image, and in general do not have to work hard at all to maintain my size. i get annoyed at people who are afraid to eat certain things, and i really enjoy good food.

but there are limits, of course, and that has to be acknowledged. now, i refuse to and will never go on 'a diet' (i think that's a dirty word and an EVIL concept) but i will work on cleaning up my diet (totally different concept) for the rest of my training cycle. after all, i'm not even running that much more than i do when i'm not marathon training! and i will enjoy racing more without the weight of extra chocolate and such to carry.

pretty dresses
i love penelope's gown, but it does say 'wedding dress' to me.

such a gorgeous color on frieda pinto!

my fave dress! could she be any more beautiful? yeesh.

fun fact: freshman year of college, one girl in my dorm had an ex-boyfriend who was at that time dating natalie! and yes, it pissed her off. big time.
pictures from photo gallery at



workout: 14 miles, average 9:03/mi pace on the tobacco trail, as described yesterday.
20 minutes stretchy yoga.

weekly totals: 35 miles + 4 elliptical 'miles', 2 weights sessions, 1 yoga
shoes: now have 420 miles on them. time for replacements!

doin' time: with leftover ravioli for dinner, we had martha's hearts of palm and mango salad with lime vinaigrette (recipe on the sidebar). it was yummy but did not go with the ravioli. oh well.

and then i made cupcakes (uhh yeah, i know. but i'm giving most of them away!). i was never a chocolate girl growing up -- i used to always ask for a lemon birthday cake! and these babies were right up my alley. i made them half the size that martha suggested and used about 2/3 of the butter the recipe called for.


after the glaze bonanza:

josh sneaking extra icing. (disclaimer: i told him to make that face!)


  1. My cousin is friends with Natalie Portman - they were on Broadway together in "Anne Frank" when Natalie was a teenager. I have a personalized autographed picture of her my cousin got for me. Love it!

  2. i love frieda pinto's dress too. the color is so beautiful!
    mmm, the salad looks great.

  3. Those are gorgeous dresses! I didn't seen any of the Oscars.

  4. Just stopped by your blog from D10's post on your run together. Nice!

    And about that 100 pushup challenge - I did it, but that was while I was on a running hiatus due to injury. It took all of the 6 weeks and then some (I got sick), and it totally consumes you! Good choice on waiting until your marathon training is complete, but you can totally do it! If you have the mental stamina to do a marathon (which I haven't) or become a pediatrician (which takes way more dedication that 100 push ups ever will) then this challenge should be totally doable for you, no matter what the gender.


    And, oh yeah, I have no idea who "Natalie" is...

  5. atilla10:12 PM

    love josh's face

  6. betsy: oh that's so cool! i bet she was a precocious little teen.

    cindy: i preferred the bright colors overall -- after all, it's a PARTY!

    kath: =D

    jess: i didn't see them either, but the first thing i did yesterday AM was go to the website to see the dresses!

    vava: okay, i'm convinced -- i'll give it a shot after the marathon!

    atilla: ha, i know.