Friday, February 27, 2009

cue the violins

while i unroll a saga or two . . .

#1: working nights sucks.
seriously, it does. it feels lonely and weird and the body just isn't meant to jump time zones like that. the sun makes you feel awake, and dark makes you sleepy for a REASON. i know someone's got to staff the ER at 3 am, but aren't there night owls who thrive on that sort of thing? i am NOT one of them.

on a similar note, why oh WHY does everyone decide to bring their stuffy-nosed febrile children to the ER at 2 AM? what do they think is going to happen at that magical hour? does the word 'emergency' not ring any sort of bell?

a brief tutorial
breathing problems = emergency.
scabies = gross, but not emergent.
3 day old with a fever = emergency.
3 year old with a fever = not so much.
suicide attempt = emergency.
constipation x 2 days = negatory.

in all honesty, i haven't minded my time in the ER at all. it goes pretty fast and i like seeing patients and talking to families. but i miss going to bed at night. things are better that way.

#2: (much suckier) i think my hip is busted again.

it feels like it did almost exactly a year ago when i did 99% of the training for the shamrock marathon and then didn't get to run it. i have to admit i've had some warning signs that i didn't heed as much as i could have, but when it's not that bad it's so easy to tell yourself that 'ohhh it's just a little soreness, it will work itself out!'.

except just 2 iffy runs later and now i'm already past that point. it hurts when i walk. i know i shouldn't have been popping advil like candy all week pretending everything was okay, but for some reason that's what i did, and now i'm paying for it. i know from the MRI that i got last april that i have a torn and partially detached labral cartilage in my right hip. somehow, with rest and cross-training the pain finally faded away and i was able to run a (faux) half marathon without any problems. but now it's back. last time, it took about 2 months to go away.

so yeah. this is marathon training cycle #3 that has gone bad. apparently, it's now an annual tradition for me to limp through spring. i get the message: as much as i love the thrill of long distances, i don't think my body (especially my hip) can tolerate it. for now, i am going to STOP RUNNING and put the idea of the marathon out of my mind. if things improve and i can do it, great, but i'm not expecting anything miraculous.

i'm sad but hopeful that i will again run pain free. i'm disappointed that maybe there will be no more marathons for me. but i'm also okay with it as well. i tried, and it's 3 strikes . . . i'm out. at least for the near future.

#3: perspective, peeps.

despite all this, i still have my health, my wonderful husband, my family, and i am not going to have to work night shifts forever. even in this eXtreme whine of a post i realize that and am thankful. aaaaaaaaaand i'm also thankful for the fact that it's bedtime. peace!



workout: rest day.

doin' time: rigatoni with sausage and parsley, served with a spinach/orange pepper salad. it was yum, and josh said it was like "the stuff i used to make." ie, before this whole doin' time thing.

reading: 25 prep questions.


  1. I'm sorry about your hip. From what I hear, half marathons are a nice distance, too.

    Are you going to see a sports doctor? Did your hip actually heal itself or just stop hurting?

    And taking your kid to the ER because he/she is constipated is just plain funny.

    Have a good day and hang in there.

  2. Maybe this setback will give you an excuse to get more into weight training and yoga, both of which are probably better for you overall(or at least AS good for you) than long-distance running, anyway! Feel better soon! L, da

  3. Sorry your hip doesn't feel great, hope it gets better! As to the things that come into the ER at 3's this one: 1 month old, CC: CRYING!!!! WOW! We also had a baby with constipation to TWO WEEKS. And one of the best, a high school student (with his mother!) at 4am who wanted us to sign a release saying he could practice football!

  4. JennyN11:08 AM

    I am so sorry about your hip. Is there anything you can do to get better?

    Maybe people come to the ER at such strange hours because they think there will we less people there = less waiting?

    <- Guilty of spending most of Christmas Day at the ER with a 3 month old with fever, coughing and projectile vomiting. Turns out she needed her sinuses rinsed and the rest was just viral and we had to wait it out. *embarrassed*

  5. Anonymous1:23 PM

    I'm sorry to hear about your hip though it sounds like you have a really good attitude about it. I'm addicted to marathons and know how disappointing a 'side lining' injury can be. Hang in there with the night work; it can be just awful. Hate to say this about the 'reasons' for bringing the child into the ER but you'll understand much better once you have your own child--REALLY CHRONIC sleep deprivation and heart wrenching fear with a sick little one does wacky things to people.

  6. I am so sorry about your hip! I echo Kim's question about the sports doc.

    I think some people go to the ER because they don't have health insurance. Why they would choose to go at 2 AM for a non-emergency is absolutely beyond me.

  7. rebecca1:37 PM

    aw man. you didn't tell me your hip has been hurting!

  8. So sorry about the hip! Is there anything you can do for it (other than rest)?

  9. Oh, I'm so sorry about your hip! I have a friend who has much the same problem (gets better for a while, then gets bad again and stays bad for a while) - except that they haven't been able to find anything physically wrong. Which is pretty frustrating, as you can imagine.

    I hope your recovery cycle goes quickly this time!

    A friend of mine is an ER doc in the greater Detroit area, and occasionally writes really great posts about what goes on there (all edited for anonymity, of course). You might enjoy reading her stuff:

  10. atilla7:04 PM

    i am so sad about the hip...on the other hooray for the house sale!

  11. Anonymous9:07 PM

    yeah about the house. BeeBee

  12. Sorry to hear about your hipkin Sarah :(