Friday, February 20, 2009

clarifications and more

some very important updates on yesterday's post, lest you think i am some sort of musclebound luddite with a squeaky high pitched voice ranting about the evils of today's media . . .

the pushups: while i can do 25 man push-ups (with good form, i think!), in the interest of full disclose i must admit that i cannot do them all in a row. i know this because i just tried, and only made it to 18. however, i regularly do 2 sets of 12 at the gym and often add an extra to the second set for good measure, so that's why i said 25!

the tv: yes, it's true -- we do not own a tv. we used to have one, but it was stolen when our (former) house was pilfered and picked clean back in october '07. since then, we've gotten by watching the shows we want to online -- for me, this admittedly includes desperate housewives, grey's anatomy, and america's next top model. both desperate and grey's are streamed for free (with commercials, but i just use those as email-checking opportunities) on, and i actually paid to download last season's ANTM to my iTunes. YES, i paid $ for tyra, but it's still 80,000 times cheaper than cable! we also have netflix, to rent movies and other stuff like st. elsewhere (my current fave).

we may reinstate cable at some point and get a cute little flat screen, because i know josh misses watching sports. but for now, i sort of like NOT having the easy opportunity to turn on the cable and watch whatever just because i can.

the loudness: it's not that i think i'm that loud -- but i can't really think of anyone louder. i think i just tend to have quiet, more self-regulated friends! i'm definitely on the extroverted side, not shy, and i am not afraid to share opinions. i deal with stress by blabbing about it. i tend to get pretty excitable after a drink or two, but i'm not like, swinging from the chandeliers, either. vickie, i'm glad i'm not your loudest friend!

whew! now that all that is out of the way, we can all go about our business and enjoy the fact that it's friday! in addition, it's the LAST day of my behavior & development rotation, which is both good and bad.

good: because it was kind of depressing, boring, and i am really sick of it
bad: because the hours were lovely and i am going to be sad working nights in the ER, even if i do enjoy the work more.

thankfully, i have the weekend off, and today is a half-day. i have lots of little errands to take care of, so that will work out perfectly.

to moonlight or not to moonlight
so as i mentioned before, i am low on certain procedures which i will need to finish residency, namely neonatal intubations and umbilical arterial lines. one might think that with 16 months left in residency, there is plenty of time, but in actuality my NICU days are numbered, since i've already spent so much time there. my advisor suggested that i attempt to pick up one or more moonlighting shifts, if possible, in hopes of tubing a few babies to get the checkmarks on my list.

i think this is somewhat silly. for serious, if i wasn't able to get these procedures done after spending WEEKS in the unit, how much progress am i really going to make on one 30 hour shift? it's true that now i feel like there's a fire lit under my ass so i might be more aggressive about getting to do these things when opportunities arise, but it still seems a bit unrealistic. still, i want to make her happy. and i want to finish residency.

there's also the added bonus that each 30 hour shift (yes, it's a weekend completely given up to the moonlighting gods) pays about $2000. $70/hr x 30 hours, even with taxes taken out, is a hefty chunk of change. this means that it is fairly likely that i won't get any shifts even if i try to sign up for them, because everyone else wants a piece, too. but if i do, in between each dreaded procedure, i will be thinking about only one thing:




workout: rest day

reading: well, i gave my presentation and decided that was enough mental taxation for the day. it went fine, by the way. at least i haven't heard otherwise.


  1. atilla8:01 AM

    that is a hefty chunk of change, I remembeer covering ER at $20 per hour and working 60 hour shifts! can you imagine.

  2. I'm still impressed you do 2x12, or that you can do 18 in a row.

    Pretty purse :)

  3. for orla, it's worth it. i guess also for skills development, finishing residency, blah blah, who cares when it comes to pretty bags.

  4. As you know, I don't read many other blogs, so I'm curious--is your practice of commenting on comments, both in your blog postings and by leaving additional comments, a common one among bloggers, or is it unusual? Feel free to comment :-)
    L, da

  5. Oh my gosh, you can make more in one shift than I am making for teaching at a college for an entire semester! That just makes me sad (and makes me wish I was in clinicals already!)

  6. Carly9:53 AM

    I love your blog, but I hate when you use the term 'man pushups'. There's nothing to say that these are exclusively for men, and that women are weak so can only do modified pushups.

  7. Courtney10:59 AM

    oh wow. now I can't wait to start residency- for this possibility of moonlighting. I daresay I practically yelped with joy when I read that- do it for the purse!!!!

  8. JennyN11:49 AM

    Have you checked out ? I started the program two weeks ago and now I can do 30 push-ups in a row!

  9. I say moonlight, but only if you PROMISE to reward yourself with the money.

  10. that bag is very pretty.

    I cannot imagine working 30 straight hours (one of the many reasons I am not a doctor). All the power to ya.

  11. atilla: 60 hours -- i hope there was some sleep in there. the human brain is NOT made to do that -- that is absolutely ridiculous.

    kim: aww, thanks!

    vickie: yeah, it would have been worth it. i LUV that bag! but i didn't get a shift.

    da: i think that at least half of bloggers respond to comments. i think it's only fair, especially if someone asks a question!

    bridgette: except i didn't get the shift because i didn't get there early enough to sign up! i agree that it is a TON of $ though! it's not that far from a month's-worth of my salary!

    carly: you are right :) i will acknowledge this publicly today!

    courtney: the opportunities are rarely this fabulous, but when they come along it is nice.

    jennyN: cool program! i'm not sure that i really care about doing that many pusups, though.

    jess: oh, don't worry -- i would have.

    deirdre: (pretty name, by the way!) -- i hate 30 hour shifts. we do have to work them fairly routinely in residency, though. my detest of those last 6 hours is probably one of the reasons i didn't get up super early to get in line to sign up for the moonlighting.