Wednesday, January 14, 2009


there is no doubt about it: a nap is in my future today. i slept 6 hours last night, which is not enough. i've been trying very hard to maintain my sanity on this PICU block by being stubborn about doing the things i want to do in addition to work -- things like running, reading, and making dinner to have with josh at the end of a long day. and it makes me happy that i am able to do these things, but this lifestyle is not sustainable on the long term.

yesterday, i didn't leave clinic until 6:20 pm (i think i was the last one to leave the building! ouch!). i debated skipping my run, but who wimps out on day 2 of marathon training? so i headed to the gym afterwards and banged out an easy 4.5 miles while reading everyday with rachael ray magazine. this gave me a little bit of fake post-run energy, so i came home and made the doin' time dinner i had planned on. josh and i were finally reunited after two overlapping call days (!) so we caught up and that was nice, but by the time we were done it was already 9:30.

which is not late in the grand scheme of things, but it is when you get up at 4:15.

at that point, i figured that i was already going to be tired, so i just resigned myself to that fate and did about 15-20 minutes of reading. i'm trying to be really good about this resolution right now, because i feel like if i can keep up with it during the PICU, it will always be easier on other months.

anyway. the end result: a long work day, a nice run, a relaxing dinner, some reading . . . but only 6 hours of sleep.

i'm glad i did it all, but like i said -- a nap is in my future. luckily i have a short day today, and a whole weekend to recover. whew.



workout: 4.5 miles total, with 4 mi @ 8:57/mi (0.5% incline) and the other 0.5 composed of 4 x 100m strides at pace from 7:13 - 7:30/mi with recovery in between each

doin' time: i made lemon-parseley pork chops and green beans with caramelized shallots last night. i made a few changes to the green beans (steamed instead of blanched, and used less butter with the shallots) but overall i was faithful to martha's ways. i should have cooked the pork less and the beans more, but it was still a delicious and impressive-looking spread.

we ended with a piece of this (hideously expensive but worth it) chocolate bar. venezuelan dark chocolate with walnuts, dried plums and cardamom -- and it tasted even better than it sounds.

reading: 15-20 minutes on a pediatrics article on acute disseminated encephalomyelitis

floss report: check.


  1. atilla7:11 AM

    the chocolate looks great, what was that ornage thing on the plate? sweet potato? keep up the reading and make sure josh is too!

  2. You totally deserve that chocolate bar.