Thursday, December 11, 2008

things normal humans do

thank you fellow slack-cember commiserators for your words of wisdom yesterday!

atilla said: embrace slackism...Free time is time to read, sleep,listen to music, and do what normal humans do. That chance doesn't roll around every day...when is the last time you sat down and did a crossword puzzle?

and that is so true. there is nothing wrong with any of the above activities, and actually it's probably therapeutic to take a few weeks and just relax about life a little bit. what is it about our society (or maybe it's just me . . . ) that causes an outpouring of guilt just because nothing is getting done? and, at least in my experience thus far, it is such a rare thing in residency that really, when it happens, only pure unbridled celebration should ensue. atilla, i hope you are following your own advice as well :)

old jenny said: Maybe set some fun personal goals, now that you have the time? Like catching up with friends, prepping a really extravagant holiday season, take 20 sec off your interval time when running or something. Or just take long baths, read and spend time blogging here!

and that is a fabulous idea. why do goals always have to be so . . . serious? here are some ideas i have for the rest of this month . . .

slackcember goals
☆ call 3 friends just to say hi and catch up (facebook is SO not the same!)
☆ bake something fun
☆ read more of my new murakami book
☆ spend time putting together my own custom super-fabulous marathon training program
☆ find some local outings that would be fun and go on at least one

off to the gym . . . tonight should be fun as i will be in A/I clinic all day and then an interview dinner with a bunch of peds applicants tonight. our program is very nice and treats everyone to good dinners (well, really it's to lure the applicants, but we still reap the benefits!), so tonight i get to try piazza italia. yum.



workout: 5 mile interval run, taper-style. i'd be doing better with point-accumulation in my challenge if it wasn't tapering time! oh well.
- 1 mile warmup @ 8:57/mi
- 6 x 400m @ 7:30 pace, with 400m jog between each (much easier, shorter intervals than usual for the taper)
- 1 mile cooldown @ 8:57/mi

doin' time: last night i made martha's mushroom ragout with pasta. i modified it slightly by using whole wheat pasta and ditching most of the bacon grease, and josh and i both loved it. as he said, 'bacon makes everything better.' it really did add the perfect touch of salty savoriness to the dish. served with steamed broccoli and some italian wine. definitely recommended!


  1. atilla7:05 AM

    dinner looked great.thanks for the comment

  2. Old Jenny1:03 PM

    I am glad you are embracing your slacker time! You have totally earned it after all the all-nighters at PICU.

    Oooh, marathon training! Yay! When does the program start? What is your plan of attack? Base building, peak mileage, key workouts: we need details. I am running Stockholm Marathon 2009 and I will probably Pfitz it again.

  3. Your slackcember goals sound great. I'd like to take time to plan out a decent training program myself... I feel like if I had some clearly defined goals + workouts, they might be more likely to actually happen you know?

    I know what you mean about calling not being the same as Facebook. When I am in my hometown for Christmas I'm going to make an effort to physically visit some people, see their kids, etc. I think it'll help start the new year off right!

    Your dinner looks fabulous; bacon really does make everything better. I might try this one, as my SO loves bacon, too.

  4. Anonymous3:03 PM

    I'm the same way! A "relaxing" day turns into a "wasted" day for me, even though we all need to relax sometimes!

  5. excellent workout! And good call on talking to some friends this month

  6. old jenny: i have kind of a custom, hybrid plan in mind :) don't worry i will lay it all out in FULL detail! probably a monster post this weekend!

    toni jo: i feel like all guys probably love bacon! as for the plan i agree it definitely adds motivation to workouts when you are doing it all of some 'greater scheme' training plan! i am very excited to lay out my marathon plan-of-attack!

    seejessrun: ahhh but we SO need that kick back time, and part of that is accepting that it's ok and just enjoying it. i am going to continue working on that!

    runtofinish: it was a fun run b/c the intervals were short so they felt easy. definitely a good one to do in taper week.