Wednesday, December 10, 2008


they might as well rename december month of slack as far as i'm concerned. i don't know what's with me, but i am definitely in some sort of life rut at this moment! i think part of the problem was that my chopped up week of vacation didn't feel like a real vacation and now, i'm barely working hard enough to feel like i'm really doing that either!

i'm not really complaining, i promise, because i realize it is probably every resident's dream to finish work each day in the mid-afternoon hours. and i like it too! but interestingly, i think i had gotten used to the idea that residents are needed and important in some way. unlike in medical school, generally it would matter if i waltzed out of the hospital on a whim before the day had come to a close. after all, most months there are even people on as backup if you're sick!

except right now, i feel decidedly un-needed. i keep getting pulled for various orientations and trainings and when i return to clinic, it is apparent that they've done a-ok without my services. i know i'm there to learn -- and i am learning -- but i think that feeling extraneous is just another ingredient in my current laziness stew that is keeping me from being my usual motivated, efficient self.

and i miss my usual self. i like her better than the droopy-eyed, slack-jawed, slow-moving version that has been inhabiting my body since thanksgiving or so. usually a new calendar year and the urgency of 20 or so resolutions brings her back, but i don't want to wait that long.

maybe i could lure her out with boots. ooh, they're even on sale!!


  1. atilla6:17 AM

    embrace slackism...Free time is time to read, sleep,listen to music, and do what normal humans do. That chance doesn't roll around every day...when is the last time you sat down and did a crossword puzzle?

  2. Old Jenny8:29 AM

    Maybe set some fun personal goals, now that you have the time? Like catching up with friends, prepping a really extravagant holiday season, take 20 sec off your interval time when running or something. Or just take long baths, read and spend time blogging here!

  3. i know what you mean. work has been slow this month and i'm not sure what to do with myself!

  4. I don't really like it when work is slow, but if I can find another project to work on that helps. I think that when winter rolls in my motivation lags for just about everything.

  5. I love those BOOTS!!! Oh man I already own 4 pairs and I keep wanting more!

  6. Are those the boots you finally chose. I remember you asking about them a couple months ago. They're niiice!

    So yeah, you do more in slack filled month than I bet many people do in 6!