Tuesday, December 09, 2008

feeling foggy

good thing i didn't have one of these -- alcohol-by-volume 10%!

yesterday's celebration was super-fun, but oh my GOD belgian beer is dangerous. i had one -- an on-tap belgian saison, the variety of which i cannot exactly recall (but it started with a ch, and it was not chimay). the alcohol-by-volume was 6.7%, which is higher than, say, budweiser, but actually lower than many of their offerings. and i feel like total trash this morning! maybe i'm just getting old (i'm 28, by the way . . . yes, josh is a cradle-robber), but yeesh.


i hate waking up not feeling good. after all, i'm definitely not a night person so it's nice to at least be bright and with-it in the AM!

it was worth it, though. i think josh enjoyed the belgian celebration of All Things Good (ie, cheese, fries, beer, and meat). and i got to eat my favorite thing ever, their soft pretzel appetizer with biercheese and spicy mustard. MMM.

plans for today because my foggy brain needs an outline:
☑ grand rounds
☑ an orientation session i have to attend for an outreach program in the spring related to my community rotation
☑ back to duke for allergy clinic
☑ to the gym for cross-training and weights (upper only because of my race on saturday!)
☑ allergy reading!

there. looks pretty good, and quite manageable. and my coffee is kicking in, thankfully. i have no idea how some of my fellow residents are able to go out during the week on a fairly routine basis, but they have my respect and admiration. apparently, my body can handle the abuse of a 20-mile training run better than it does 1 belgian beer!



workout: 5 miles with a 3-mile tempo segment (5 points in the online challenge i am participating in!)
- 1 mile warmup @ 8:57/mi
- 3 miles @ 8:20/mi
- 1 mile cooldown @ 8:57/mi

cooking: nope -- belgian gastropub instead.

reading: shamefully, no -- and i had SO much time! today i will definitely dedicate some time to A/I readings.


  1. where did you get your foot pod, that looks pretty cool too

  2. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Yeah, that's the thing with those European beers. Too bad they're so delicious.

    I'm considering asking for a cookbook for Christmas. Would you recommend the Martha one that you're cooking through?

  3. Ha! I'm with you... those Belgians are rough. I can handle a couple before I feel it the next morning... but usually I'd rather not.

    Your day sounds super busy; I hope it went well! It's 4pm here and my coffee STILL hasn't kicked in :-)

  4. atilla10:20 PM

    funny the resident I was working with commented that residency plus one or two good drinks equals sleep