Thursday, December 04, 2008

domo arigato

thanks to commenter hannah, i have a lovely selection of essential merchandise from to share today! i mean, come on! you know you need . . .

an 80s cube clock to wake you up before you go-go each morning

mini-guitar hero to entertain you during boring lectures and such

a real gold retainer necklace to thank your parents for all of those expensive years of orthodontia

this domo guy, just . . . because.

yeah. that website made me happy.

also currently making me happy is the fact that this has been the easiest week ever! it almost balances out last month's insanity. i got out of work early again yesterday and had a productive afternoon prepping and shipping a batch of holiday gifts (yes MBs, if you are reading, this means you!). i still have others to catch up on, though -- my 2-year-old niece (margaux -- yes she has her own blog) is now more than a month overdue for her birthday present, and that one is throwing me for a loop. you would think that hanging out with babies and kids all day would somehow give me knowledge of what she might like, but all i know about most 2 year olds is what they are supposed to be doing developmentally and that they HATE the otoscope. any suggestions? maybe she would like a mr. domo! or not.

in other news, i had an interesting time with my resolution-mining (see post from last night) and am already starting to think about 2009. i think that this year, i will leave out the obvious (it's not like i'm going to stop running or cooking!) and try to focus on other things. also, i need to make goals more specific. more on that later!



workout: 4.2 'miles' on the elliptical (36 minutes) + 20 minutes weights, including:
- pushups, 2 x 10 (this was SO hard after getting off the elliptical! maybe the chest is worked there too?)
- flowing squats to tricep press, 12 lb weight, 2 x 12
- bicep curls on boso, 12 lbs each hand, 2 x 12
- squats with ball, 2 x 12
- lateral/forward arm raises, 6 lbs each hand, 2 x 10
- abs: 2 x 15 forward crunches and 2 x 15 bicycles

reading: chapter 2 of the mini-immuno primer -- on primary immunodeficiencies. for some reason, these do NOT stay in my brain.

cooking: don't worry, my doin' time with martha project is still in the works! next week the recipe blitz will begin. for this week, i'm still just using the current cooking light. yesterday's dinner of warm spinach salad with pork and pears was SUPER easy, elegant, and delicious. served with a slice of my mom's homemade multi-grain bread.


  1. Stacey6:17 AM

    Hi Sarah-- I never comment (found your blog through Ephblog) but I can offer some practical advice on this one...I've got a 2.5 year old. I'd suggest something like wooden food and a little shopping basket or pots and pans (search for Melissa & Doug). Or dress up clothes (mine loves shoes and purses). Or the toy that is most envied by all of his little friends...the fisher price little people airplane. Happy shopping!

  2. Hi!

    You deserve an easy week every once in a while.

    How did you cook the spinach. I always want to warm mine, but I end up overdoing it and it shrivels. Do tell.


  3. Sophie's a little young--only 13 months--but I'm learning that she is just as thrilled with a box of kleenex to tear up or an empty Huggies box to ride around in as she is the loud and fancy toys her grandparents get her. I'm not sure what the 2 year old equivalent is, but I second the commenter about something simple like play food or things she can pretend with. Can't go wrong with the basics!

  4. mr. domo is AWESOME. i like his tight geri (sp? how DO you spell that??) curl.

  5. stacey: thank you! i love the grocery idea. i am going to look into the melissa & doug option!

    hangrypants: i didn't cook it per se - just put the just-cooked meat on top and that wilted/warmed it a little. i agree it is really hard w spinach because there is such a fine line between 'slightly wilted/warm' and 'cooked.'

    bridgette: awesome! now that i have two votes for play food, i am going to take that and run. plus her father is a caterer/chef so that is completely appropriate . . .

    cindy: according to urbandictionary, it is Jeri curl. awesome!

  6. atilla9:40 PM

    hint to margaux gift...Mindy from the office gave us a little tyke or fisher price "tea set" for her to play with and to keep down here but i'll bet she'd love one for Brooklyn. Also her parents really appreciate clothes like a nice sweater or something like that.. She's very tall and thin. On the gift front we have 4 days till the big J's birthday...any clues?