Thursday, December 18, 2008

bend and break

wow. i think i'm finally recovered from the stress-hormone fest that pretty much defined the past 2 days! suddenly taking over an unknown team, enduring a busy night of late admissions (i think we took 6 kids between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am!) and then having to present my case in the morning was quite a whirlwind. i am ready for a sedate (and hopefully short) day of allergy clinic today!

maybe it's silly, but i was sad that my unexpected call threw both my running and cooking plans out the window. i realize that i will survive, though. i can always move my run to saturday after my DRH shift, and luckily i hadn't even bought the ingredients for one of the planned culinary adventures (i wanted my first attempt at skirt steak to be FRESH!). so maybe it's a lesson in flexibility -- learning to go with the flow is definitely a skill i could stand to improve.

one sad part about my jeopardy pull is that i basically went from monday to last night without seeing josh! he wins the husband-of-the-week award this week, though, for:

♥ listening to me complain about call even though he is on call multiple times this month
♥ bringing home carrburritos last night
♥ cleaning up the kitchen this morning before i even got up (!!!)

yes, he is the best.

happy thursday, everyone! may your pagers not go off and ruin all your fun.


  1. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Hope today is more relaxing. I don't know how you do it!

  2. you know, i've had the 80's 'jeopardy' song stuck in my head ever since i read your post yesterday :-P
    i hope your pager is very very quiet also!

  3. Anonymous1:28 PM

    I need to get married so I have someone who can bring me burritos.

  4. Stress is not good for anyone. Cooking and running make stress easier to manage, so having those things cut out of the day is doubly-rough.

    Burritos are a good substitute, though. Hopefully you're feeling better today!

  5. Hey I really like your blog! I am going to bookmark it and check back up often.

    Handle that stress ;)

    How long have you been running?

  6. inmytummy: well, at least it isn't all bad. right now it's 3:47 pm and i'm done with my workday! but admittedly this month is an anomaly.

    cindy: i don't know that song! i will have to look it up. my pager better keep its siren song to itself.

    seejess: hey, your MSB is certainly qualified for that now! and don't let him use school as an excuse -- if josh can do it as a surgery resident, he can definitely do it as a student.

    toni jo: i know, they really are amazing stress reliever. about to go do that now . . .

    matt: hey, thanks! new commenters kind of make my day. and i'll try about the stress. i have been running consistently since 2005 (previously i ran just to 'work out', but 2005 was when i first trained for and ran a race).

  7. atilla7:29 PM

    humm burrito... good idea